La ERS mide el trecho de los eritrocitos, que caen durante un tiempo determinado por la influencia de la gravedad. Hardison Cynthia S. N Engl J Med ; Osei-bimpong A.

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Summary The erythrosedimentation rate is an usefull, simple and inexpensive laboratory test , that although old , is still a valuable tool in clinical practice; specialy in Rheumatology, Haematology and other areas. At this moment, several systems have been developed for its determination that add biosafety, operationabily and quickness in relation to the method of reference described at the burn of the century by Westergreen.

The principles of the test, that continue to provide fascinating motives for exploration, have shown the convinience of returning to this method with modern additions, to take adventage toward diagnosis and laboratory methods and systems. Al sedimentar, los eritrocitos desplazan el plasma hacia arriba, produciendo una corriente ascendente y una fuerza de retraso. Una variedad de medicamentos como los anticonceptivos orales y la heparina, producen aumento de la VES.

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¿Que es la VSG alta en un análisis de sangre?



Velocidad de sedimentación glomerular



VSG o Velocidad de Sedimentación Globular


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