Birth[ edit ] Tulsidas was born on saptami , the seventh day of shukla paksha , the bright half of the lunar Hindu calendar month Shraavana July—August. Most sources identify him as a Saryupareen Brahmin of the Parashar Gotra lineage , although some sources claim he was a Kanyakubja or Sanadhya Brahmin. Biographers who disagree with this year argue that it makes the life span of Tulsidas equal years, which in their opinion is unlikely if not impossible. In contrast, Ramchandra Shukla says that an age of is not impossible for a Mahatma great soul like Tulsidas. Tulsidas started his learning at Ayodhya. After some time, Narharidas took him to a particular Varaha Kshetra Soron a holy place with temple dedicated to Varaha — the boar avatar of Vishnu , where he first narrated the Ramayana to Tulsidas.

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Ramcharitmanas Tulsidas Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas was born in Rajpur in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh in the 16th century. Tulsidas is considered to be an incarnation of Valmiki, the sage who composed the original Ramayana, and is counted among the foremost devotees of Lord Rama. Perhaps the best-known story of his spiritual journey is the one in which his wife pushes him towards total devotion to Rama. Theiday cross over the sorrows of life.

Tulsidas was a devotee of Lord Rama from early childhood, and these words affected him deeply. He left his home a family to become a wandering mendicant in search of the abiding love of his Lord Rama. He is also the author of several other works including Vinaya Patrika, Gitavali, Dohavali and Kavitavali. Furthermore, he is the seer of the Hanuman Chalisa, a powerful and popular mantra for Hanuman, in 40 verses.

The writings of Tulsidas, especially the Ramcharitmanas are works of great literary merit, as well as being examples of an extraordinary combination of supreme devotion and pure non-dualistic philosophy. For more detailed biographies of Tulsidas, visit:.


श्री रामचरितमानस अर्थ सहित सम्पूर्ण | RamCharitManas in Hindi

Background[ edit ] Picture of author, Tulsidas published in the Ramcharitmanas, This also makes Tulsidas a contemporary of William Shakespeare. The Valmiki Ramayana is centered on the narrative of Rama , the scion of the family tree of king Raghu of the Sun Dynasty. Rama was the crown prince of Ayodhya and is considered in Hindu tradition as the seventh Avatar of Vishnu. However, the Ramacharitmanas is by no means a word-to-word copy of the Valmiki Ramayana nor an abridged re-telling of the latter. Ramcaritmanas has elements from many other Ramayanas written earlier in Sanskrit and other Indian dialects as well as stories from Puranas. Tulsidas himself never writes Ramcharitmanas as being a retelling of Valmiki Ramayana.






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