Should the Council have any desire that the vacancy should be filled up, I beg leave to [ To a reader of History in Practice , encounter with this historical incident would be more likely to provoke reflective comprehension than amused condescension. For as might be expected from a scholar who was trained initially as a natural scientist and then practised as a cultural historian of science in history departments at Essex and York before becoming Professor of Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia in , Jordanova succeeds admirably in her aim to place the practices of history in a wider disciplinary context. Not only is she alive to the constructed nature of subject boundaries and their porosity, but also to the relatively recent date of their institutionalisation. What is of particular value about History in Practice , however, is that it seeks to build a bridge between the insight of Hayden White et al. Moreover, it does so using a prose style whose conceptual crispness and clarity of exposition makes the book a genuine intellectual pleasure to read from cover to cover.

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No other author has treated the subject in the same way. She writes with equal facility about the history of society, high-politics, economics and science and displays a genuine understanding of the differing spirits and methods of sociology, anthropology and philosophy and the ways in which these have made an impact upon history. Wise, witty and gracious, it is highly recommended. Wide-ranging and erudite in her range of reference, Jordanova sets History in the context of other academic disciplines, including philosophy, anthropology, psychology and literature, and explores its interrelation with these disciplines.

Reading and re-reading History in Practice reminds me why I became an historian; but it also reminds me why History matters. It is an inspirational book.

Ludmilla Jordanova makes it look easy. Neither a how-to manual nor a philosophical treatise, History in Practice has long been a vital resource for every student of History. This new edition hones its relevance for a new generation of historians.

Concise, elegant and informative, this book will enable anyone interested in history to find their way in a discipline that offers virtually unlimited opportunities for exploration.


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Contact me Thank you for visiting this site, which I shall be revising and updating over the next few months. At present, the only pages available are this one, my cv , and my list of publications. CVAC was succesful in a grant application to the Leverhulme Trust, which is funding a doctoral programme in visual culture for which I am responsible. The third edition of my book History in Practice will be going to press shortly, and should be available in I am September in my 7th year as a Trustee of the Science Museum Group ; but my term has been extended until the end of July so that I can continue my contribution, as Chair of its Advisory Board, to the development of Locomotion at Shildon in Co. I have a continuing interest in collaboration with contemporary artists, having most recently contributed an essay to the volume published to mark the 10th anniversary of the Jupiter Artland sculpture park, near Edinburgh. And I am also supporting Opera Bohemia , which brings opera, performed by young singers, to parts of Scotland which would otherwise lack access to it.


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