He became known as an essayist and a writer of screenplays and in particular, detective novels. He wrote his first short novel between and Titled Fiebre de caballos Horse Fever , it was basically a love story. During the next six years, he continued to work as a journalist, reporting on a wide range of cultural and historical topics.

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Fans of Mario Conde are in for a treat. Heretics features the ex-cops rum-fueled saga dealing with a fist full of mysteries both in twenty-first century Havana and stretching back to seventeenth century Amsterdam. As perhaps to be expected, Conde has all sorts of emotional support from Tamara, the women he loves, from his faithful dog, Garbage 11, and most especially from his drinking cronies - Skinny, Carlos, Rabbit and Candito the Red.

Conde occasionally even has support from his former colleagues on the Havana police force. The wide window into Cuban culture and society via this raucous bunch is nothing short of espectacular. Louis leaving Nazi Germany and refused entry into Havana in ; 2 New York artist Elias Kaminsky flying to Havana in to convey his story to Conde, a story about his connection to Jewish ancestors on shore waiting for passengers to deboard the St.

One thing a reader can always look forward to: when speaking with someone in his quest to crack a case, Conde relies on his intuition as he risks it all by asking a stunning, emotionally-charged, shocking question. Big, Burly Painter: Elias Kaminsky pulls on his pony tail when his emotions get the better of him - at different stages along the way in uncovering the truth he seeks about his father and a famous Rembrandt painting, the big man frequently tugs on his hair and sheds tears.

And, yes, Elias has a new close friend, a man he both loves and respects in the person of a rum drinking Cuban ex-cop. As we learn, Joseph is forced to live with two faces, one Jewish, one Cuban. In order to wed the love of his life, a Cuban beauty, Joseph converts to Catholicism. Ah, a heretic! Heretic of the s: The entire second section of the novel explores how Elias Ambrosius, a Jew, turns himself over to the practice of the forbidden art of portrait painting. Ah, another heretic!

Again, let us not be too hasty - Elias turns himself over to other pursuits that might have him travel far and wide, even coming in contact with one Jew by the name of Sabbatai Zevi. Are these teenagers serious about cutting themselves off from the world around them and cutting their own skin? Are hardcore Emos serious about seeking out ways to become depressed? Not knowing a thing about Emos myself, I was likewise blown away.

But his words are also very readable and flow along smoothly. Special call-out to translator Anna Kushner here. Everything was alive again, shaking off the lethargy of ice and the aggressive winter winds that, for months, had beaten the city and oppressed its inhabitants, its animals, its flowers.

In a wider context, an individual who strikes out against standardized norms and conventions. Read all about it. Heretics is a modern classic. Cuban author Leonardo Padura, born , still lives in the same Havana home he grew up in. Because of that, an important basis for the development of those philosophies, processed by those young people, is that man will not be completely free until any concern regarding the body has disappeared from him.

And to begin to distance themselves from the body, they accentuate its ugliness, its darkness. They harm it, they mark it, dirty it, although many times they also drug it to get rid of it without getting rid of it.


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