Contents[ edit ] The Distance of the Moon, the first and probably the best known story. Calvino takes the fact that the Moon used to be much closer to the Earth, and builds a story about a love triangle among people who used to jump between the Earth and the Moon, in which lovers drift apart as the Moon recedes. At Daybreak — Life before matter condenses. A Sign in Space — The idea that the galaxy slowly revolves becomes a story about a being who is desperate to leave behind some unique sign of his existence.

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There was no stopping me now Italo Calvino with a beautiful woman on top of a New York City building. There was no stopping me now from reading the story. Flapper Girl in the Moon. It is the moon that is made to land on earth. And how the moon is made to land on Planet Earth -- for that you have to read the story yourself.

I am one ho wants you to enjoy the story as much as possible. However, I will definitely provide you some fabulous extracts so that it enhances your curiosity. Buzz Aldrin: One of the first men on the moon on July 20, Please go through it yourself and tell me whether I am wrong. This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. It is magic realism as Calvino delved into several genres, including magic realism. And with what panache!

Reading each paragraph delivers you a powerful punch in the gut. It is a feast for your grey cells. I was reading each paragraph twice or thrice as I went through the story. Such was the charm each one worked on me. Not to mention when it was a waning moon! It was reduced to a kind of nibbled cheese rind, and it always disappeared before we expected it to. At each new moon, we wondered whether it would ever appear again were we hoping that it would simply disappear?

Calvino moves from a completely naked girl sitting on a park bench to a bunch of totally nude girls riding on the roofs of sedans with their hair blowing in the wind. You shudder to think what this magic realist will write next! Now we were going along a multi-lane highway, with other cars alongside us, and I kept my eyes staring straight ahead, fearing the laughter and crude comments that the sight of the two of us was no doubt prompting in the cars around us.

But when a sedan overtook us I nearly went off the road in surprise: crouched on its roof was a naked girl with her hair blowing in the wind. And her body was not the only one glowing before my eyes: now I saw girls everywhere, stretched out in the strangest poses, clinging to the radiators, doors, and fenders of the speeding cars, their golden or dark strands of hair contrasting with the pink or dark gleam of their naked skin.

There was one of these mysterious female passengers on every car, all leaning forward, urging their drivers to follow the moon. But Calvino takes the notch several levels higher.

Men will love reading about nude women all the more. Besides, it is bound to make women raise their eyebrows. It was over this jagged, rusty territory that the moon now loomed, and the swaths of crumpled metal swelled as if carried on a high tide.

They resembled each other, the decrepit moon and that crust of the earth which had been soldered into an amalgam of wreckage; the mountains of scrap metal formed a chain that closed in on itself like an amphitheatre, whose shape was precisely that of a volcanic crater or a lunar sea. The moon hung over this space, and it was as if the planet and its satellite were acting as mirror images of each other.

However expensive a good you buy, it ends up at a junkyard — be it a inch colour TV or a Pink Cadillac. What an imagination Calvino has! And how he hates Capitalist USA!

You will get to read about New York City celebrating Consumer Thanksgiving Day and the god Production who is paid gratitude every year by shoppers for satisfying their desires. A peacock-feather painting by Evelyn Spatz. Have you ever read about a moon covered with a jungle comprising peacock feathers?

Well fear not, as Calvino will make you read about one. You will close your eyes so that the picture builds up in your mind.

And when you open your eyes, there will be a sparkle in them. The sea began to vibrate with waves that spread out in a circle. At the centre of this circle there appeared an island, which grew like a mountain, like a hemisphere, like a globe resting on the water, or, rather, raised up just above it; no, like a moon rising in the sky. I say a moon, even though it did not resemble a moon any more than the one we had seen plunge into the depths a few moments before: however, this new moon had a very different way of being different.

It emerged from the sea dripping a trail of green, glistening seaweed; spouts of water gushed in fountains from fields that lent it the sheen of an emerald. A steamy jungle covered it, but not with plants. This covering seemed to be made of peacock feathers, full of eyes and shimmering colours. You will enjoy it, think about it for days and discuss it with your family and friends.

He deserves a big pat on the back.


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There was no stopping me now Italo Calvino with a beautiful woman on top of a New York City building. There was no stopping me now from reading the story. Flapper Girl in the Moon. It is the moon that is made to land on earth.


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