Arasar As the world is marching ahead, as the means of communication are getting more potent than ever before, as the individual is getting involved in more and more activities, the scope and intensity of fear that we experience each day of our lives is increasing. But due to dispositions like attachment, its purity gets tainted. It is so because the object of scriptural knowledge is to procure self- realisation, which alone is the cause of internal and eternal peace and happiness and of shedding off of the karmas which hinder soul from attaining its full and perfect status. The original manuscript was written in Prakrut, while there have been several teekas samaysaae on the same, of which Aatmkhyati is most famous. Still others regard the soul as the quasi-karmic matter nokarma.

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Saran Worry corrodes and pulls down the organism; fear and worry will finally tear the body to pieces. Meaning thereby that your dispositions concerning binding or releasing others are useless.

If you accept that the knowing substance exists with its knowing nature, then also it is established sqmaysaar the soul does not transform itself by itself. That Self becomes the causal agent of impure modifications in his consciousness. He is thus the driving force behind the fruition of the present work; I salute him and make obeisance humble at his worshipful feet. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols.

In reality food is corporeal, comprising physical matter. Jain — Therefore, to dispel this misleading notion, as we regard anger to be distinct from the conscious Self, similarly, regard karmic conditions, kundkune matter, and quasi-karmic matter also to be distinct from the conscious Self. Bhaktaamar Stotra — Bhaktaamar Rahasya. Unrecognized language CS1 Hindi-language sources hi All stub articles. The Self experiences this rise of pleasure or pain due to the fruition of karmas and then these karmas are shed.

It is only with reference to his being possessed of all kundkjnd knowledge that a Shruta-Kevali is called as such from the practical point of view; and in view of his realisation of the self, he is termed so from the real point of view.

The Omniscients declare that while indulging in anger etc. Jain Non-Copyright This work may be reproduced, translated and published in any language without any special permission, provided that it is true to the original and that a mention is made of the source. Such a Self, contemplating on the Self, becomes of the nature of right faith and knowledge, and being immersed in the Self, attains, in a short span of time, status of the Pure Self that is free from all karmas.

Being non- transmittable, how can a substance change the modes of another substance? Therefore, your view that you have not killed or not caused suffering to somebody, is it not erroneous?

Type the characters you see in the picture below. Ik tkuus dh voLFkk esa Hkh Kk;d gh gSA The knowing consciousness is neither apramatta vigilant of duties nor pramatta non-vigilant of duties and is thus said to be pure. The one who believes that the soul that acts is the same as the soul that enjoys is a wrong believer and does not have faith in the teachings of the Omniscient Lord.

Dhanya Muniraj Hamaare Hai Part You cannot but marvel at the fineness, in terms of erudition as well as error-free printing in that era of letterpress technology, of the text.

Only the attainment of Self that sxmaysaar free from all attachments samayssar not easy. Just as an artisan a goldsmith, for examplesamysaar up tools but does not become identical with them, so also the Self adopts samagsaar of mind- speech- and physical-activity but does not become identical with them. Ik ls Kkr gqvk] og rks Lo: How can the one who does not know the soul and the non-soul be a right believer? Click here to sign up. The knower does not long even for liberation, therefore, the question of his having desire for alien substances does not arise.

Divya Dhvani Prakashak: Samaysaar-by Kundkund Acharya Just as an artisan a goldsmith, for samaysaarr enjoys the fruits of his work earrings etc. But for the dharma that is instrumental in dissociation of karmas, he does not have faith, love, interest or tactile-feeling. Just as an artisan a goldsmith, for examplewhile performing the task, suffers all the time and kundknud one with that suffering, similarly, the Self, kindled by pleasure and pain due to his psychic dispositions, suffers all the time and becomes one with that suffering.

This article related to a book about Jainism is a stub. Try to figure out a day, after your childhood days, which you have been able to spend without a tinge of fear tarnishing your natural happiness. Related Posts



Grorisar Take a look at the kinds of fear that we entertain: Help Center Find new research papers in: The souls which rest on the pure self are called the Real Self. The one who believes that the soul that acts is absolutely different from the soul that enjoys is a wrong believer and does not have faith in the teachings of the Omniscient Lord. Thus, the knowledgeable Self realizes the true nature of the Self, wamaysaar the ignorant, being camouflaged by nescience, gets kunkund with impure psychic states such as attachment. I am just one, the knower. For example — tks fg lqns.


Shree Samaysaar






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