Beschreibung bei Amazon Karin Slaughter Biography: Her last name really is Slaughter, and even as a small child, she was fascinated by the macabre. This interest set her apart from most of the other little girls in her small hometown of Jonesboro, Georgia, where her father ran a local car dealership. Slaughter was different in other obvious ways, too. She was expelled from her Christian primary school for tearing a Bible apart, for instance; and one of her first boyfriends was an undertaker-in-training. She was also influenced by the gruesome events occurring in the world around her. Slaughter says that her carefree childhood was interrupted by the changes brought about by the fear that spread through her community.

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Start your review of Blindsighted Grant County, 1 Write a review Shelves: best-of-the-best , unforgettable-reads , suspense-mystery-thriller , unputdownable I dont find myself in this situation often enough, attempting to put my thoughts on display for a bookand seriesthat Ive not only adored for years, but read countless times.

Lets be honest rereads have been an infrequent occurrence in my world. My best guess at the number of trips Ive made to Grant County over the years though, six? Yeah, Im going with six, at least. While I was the furthest thing from blindsided, I remembered about Maybe even appreciated the setting a tad more, considering I now call the peach state home. Without getting ahead of myself too much here, I respect the direction she takes this series, despite the sopping mess I always seem to revert to in the end.

With a name like Slaughter, would you expect anything less than blood-soaked pages and a depraved killer? I think not. The brutal murder get ready for the heinous happenings of a college professor rocks the small Georgia town of Heartsdale. The intensity of Jeffrey love him! When I first stepped foot in Grant County, I was nowhere near the seasoned romance reader I consider myself to be now.

To this day, second-chance storylines hold a special place in my heart, with all the credit going to Jeffrey and Sara. Their relationship arc is extremely well-done. Maybe even monumental, as far as second-chances go. I forget that I lost you.

Even almost 18 years after release Wow!





Karin Slaughter




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