Mulrajas Information that Facebook lets you announce your status as an organ donor on your wall. Dec 27, Matt rated it really liked it. It was also fascinating reading some of the risk factors for unhappy marriages and divorce, which include: I really enjoyed the personal quality this gave the book. Chapter 11 Updated survey results on afterlife beliefs. The health risk of perceived racial discrimination. Update on physician assisted suicides in the U.

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All the trends and findings in the textbook are important and informative, but it does not give many practical lessons. Life is never easy because things can happen at any stage of life. Suffering is a more common theme. I hope I will have "the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can" when things do come.

Be true to yourself. Find meaning. Make Impact. Then enjoyment and satisfaction will come as a byproduct. Topics covered include physical changes, health and health disorders, cognitive abilities, social roles, social relationships, work and retirement, personality, the quest for meaning, and stress and coping.

This book is written in a very conversational style, with the author frequently sharing her own opinion, and anecdotes from her own life. For example, in the first chapter, the author shares her own adult experiences including her experience with motherhood at a young age and re-entering education at a much later age than the majority of her peers. I really enjoyed the personal quality this gave the book. Overall, I really enjoyed this text and the accompanying class, particularly because it is something that everyone can relate to personally.

I feel fortunate to have read it in my 20s, since many aspects of the book regarding adult life lie ahead of me, meaning I can now anticipate stages of my adult life based on themes identified in this text. Several chapters I found really interesting included the one on social relationships, which described how daughters are the most frequent caregiver of aging parents, and sisters are the ones who provide the glue for a family network. It was also fascinating reading some of the risk factors for unhappy marriages and divorce, which include: having divorced parents, having lived together before marriage, knowing each other only a short time before getting married, and having a hard time communicating.

Further, it was interesting to see that the three types of stable or enduring marriages are validating marriages, volatile marriages, and avoidance marriages, compared to the more divorce-prone hostile negative marriages and emotionally unexpressive marriages.

This text does a good job of remaining positive. The unfortunate side of adult development is most of is ultimately downhill. Adults progressively lose physical and cognitive abilities and ultimately die. However, although much of aging process is dictated by our genetics and uncontrollable circumstances, Bjorklund points out that we also have a hand in our aging process with lifestyle choices.

Aging and growing older is part of life, yet Bjorklund illustrates that we can each age well. By laying bare the realities of adult life, it seems less overwhelming, and more like a normal and natural progression.


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