Henry Martin There are certain figures in jazz that quite often stand apart as being crucial to the development of the music and its history. Louis Armstrong will always be remembered as one of the first jazz innovators. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie are known as the leading men of bebop. Wayne Shorter helped shape the course of modern jazz after , and as such, he is the focus of this study. It starts with an overview of Newark, New Jersey and its place in the jazz realm during the s, s, and s, when Wayne Shorter was a child growing up in the Brick City.

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After some time they were joined by Pablo Clavijo and adopted the new name of Baalbek in This line-up started recording the first album entitled "Fata Morgana" at the end of What comes to mind is French band Eclat, or a jazzed up Jadis I know, this is a strange comparison! There is one minor point: it all sounds a little too much alike. Several spins however made me appreciate it more and more though towards the end they still lose me.

For a first effort this is a fine piece of work. Rumors were in the late s that the band was working on a second album, but nothing was released until today. Alas we also have to notice that the production is of average D.

In the s, Babe Ruth reformed for the recording of a new CD. Later this band grew to become Telephone Bill. Chambers: synthesizers, piano, keyboards, vocals American from Florida symphonic progressive rock with strong influences from Genesis. They were formed during the first half of the s and debuted with their self-titled LP in December of They later evolved or rather degenerated - ed. Paul: percussion One of the among conoisseurs most renowned Brazilian band from the progressive genre.

A moving progressive blend of classical, folk and rock music! The debut features flautist Ron Korb and vocalist Xena Zwicker. Her solo album reminded of Kate Bush and Dead Can Dance and had influences from classical music as well as from symphonic pop. CD Some early progressive rock from the UK.

LP British early heavy progressive rock group that operated from out of France, where they lived. The connected because their shared love of music barock music, to be more precise. Despite the fact that they were rather young all in the twenties they started playing their own music with strong influences from s prog bands like PFM, ELP, King Crimson and the like.

Violin, abundance of Hammond, flute and great guitar coupled to typical Italian singing make this a fresh sounding disc with strong references to the s, including touches of Banco, Tull, PFM and more, while sounding rather original. Good fun nevertheless. They caused quite a stir at time of releasing their debut because of the lead bass of Colin Hodgkinson.

The second LP done with Felix Pappalardi as producer and guest musician was a tad bluesier with covers of Robert Johnson and Leadbetter. Back Door dissolved in At times they go all bonkers e. A fantastic band even if not all tracks are of the same brilliance. What stands out, obviously, is the virtuoso bass play of Hodgkinson, who handles his instrument not only to provide the rhythm like most bassists do, but also uses it as a solo, lead and melodyinstrument. The title of his album was taken from the signature song of Manchester United.

Also this one is a bit uneven, alas, and notably the 2 live cover tracks at the end are slightly out of place yet fun. They made three demo tapes during that time with which they tried to raise interest from record companies.

This apparently failed, and in they made a CD, taking one track from each demo, added one piece from and one from and four entirely new ones. Foster had been in the Warriors, which featured also Jon Anderson.

This was when David and Tony got together and started working on an album with other songs by David. Other members were found very quickly and they started playing live. The decision was also made to make their debut album a live one, which was recorded at the London Rainbow in late , where they played a support slot to Yes.

What surprised me is the array of keyboards used including quite a bit of Mellotron and Moog , because I read somewhere that Tony was fired from Yes because he wanted to use nothing but organ.

All in all: good stuff. Wrong, so wrong… Instead we get a highly original melange of ethnic folk sounds and all kinds of experimental jazz-prog elements and even some modern dance elements.

Many people who are into mainstream prog will definitely have a hard time with this disc if they ever try it , but those with an open mind will have a field day. This release can be compared with the work of Trilok Gurtu. The twist is because there are more guitars used at least, that is what it sounds to me than normally in this genre.

The musicians of baG note the peculiar spelling - ed. Guests on their album were Otto Schultz piano and Pierre Rigaud solo sax. Segal ex-Paper Bag and Anthony Cossa and guests. The music is fully improvised, using lots of electronic and psychedelic elements.

The title of the album seems very appropriate: they wear many faces and kick you in the ass again when you least expect them to. I can imagine that they will be incredible live. I must admit that, after hearing the record a few times, I got a little tired of being kicked in my ass so many times and prefer some music that seems to have a goal.

Three years later, the band recorded their first mini-CD "Silence At Romney Marsh" with melodic hard rock, spiced up with some symphonic touches, which especially showed in the single "Andante concitato", that even managed to get into the charts for some weeks, thanks to some airplay at popular Radio 3 and a TVappearance of the band. Over 4. Berkenkamp had been replaced by the new bassist Enrico Versteegh on this mini-CD.

Late , the band temporarily retreated from the livescene to work on the follow-up album. It would take several years until the release of the new CD, because of problems with their management and a recordcompany, that went bankrupt.

The music on the new CD showed a step from the melodic hard rock of "Silence At Romney Marsh" into a more progressive metal direction. SI Magazine said: "Bagheera delivers with "Door to deliverance" a good and well-balanced successor, that will definitely appeal to a larger audience. Unfortunately commercial success failed to materialize and so Roland Jenster quit in summer of Recently things have become really quiet around Bagheera. In Van Keulen joined progressive rock band Sanity.

Plain hard rock. The other tracks bring okay progressive hard rock. Talent is there, but the material lacks in quality nevertheless. David Bagsby challenges the listener on this disc. The CDr and inlay are printed in striking colors and that perfectly supports the colorful music. Electronic music that is with a experimental touch not unlike his fellow countryman Larry Fast. Not an easy or quite accessible piece of work as you can imagine.

Bagsby jumps from melody to melody unannounced and that makes it sometimes hard to listen to. Also there are some robotic , or call it industrial, feelings around. After all not in the way German legends Kraftwerk operate. The difference comes across in the occasional use of the electric and acoustic guitar. One hears that Bagsby creates his own, as said before somewhat clinical, synthetic sounds and is not misguided by the preset sounds from the keyboard industry fortunately.

That makes him a true electronic experimental composer. Captured in monophonic sound with no effects, we hear a solo performance from Bagsby on acoustic guitar. No weird electronics or minimalist avant-garde this time, but short pieces written for solo guitar. During the 12 songs, Bagsby shows his virtuosity and his humor in his songs. What a joy to hear this and it must have been very satisfying for the audience too.

Some tracks reminded me of the melodic style in which Dutch guitar player Harry Sacksioni plays or even Erik Visser from Flairck. A CD to play during the evening with no one around - it will be a very cozy listening for sure.

Very pure and captured at the right moment. Albums set up like these, industrial electronic, can be very attractive and interesting. But with my best effort I cannot make anything of this. Maybe in the future I will discover another talent of David Bagsby, according to his bio.

This album is one to forget. In fact I already did. In David compiled an album as a benefit for his son Luca who suffered from autism. They were all given some info about the son rise program and of course some of them actually know Luca, others have never met him.

Of course we approached members of Iona past and present first, some others are musicians Dave has worked with in the past. Julie Tippet we have never even met but when she heard about the project through a friend, said she would like to donate a track.

I had only met Roine Stolt from The Flower Kings once very briefly after a gig, but was overwhelmed with his immediate and supportive response - not only sending a track, but finding time to remix a flower kings track, complete with new keyboards and guitar solo! To create this concept he played around fifteen instruments.

Acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboards, bouzouki, mandolin, autoharp, small harp, balafon and various percussion instruments. To create those emotional themes he played some amazing electric guitar solos.

Some of them reminded me of the way Steve Hackett plays on his guitar. Joanne Hogg certainly makes the music sound like Iona. But she is not the only one responsible for this sound. Troy Donockley s ulliann pipes, low whistles and tin whistles are also to blame. The epic songs prove that Dave is able to write long tracks with a lot of different moods.

He divides those tracks into different parts, which contain up tempo pieces and mellow parts.

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The double bass is a standard member of the string section of the symphony orchestra[1] and smaller string ensembles[2] in Western classical music. A person who plays the double bass is usually referred to as a bassist. It is uncertain whether the instrument is a descendant of the viola da gamba or of the violin, but it is traditionally aligned with the violin family. While the double bass is nearly identical in construction to other violin family instruments, it also embodies features found in the older viol family. Like many other string instruments, the double bass is played either with a bow arco or by plucking the strings pizzicato.


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Auth entic Bass TAB This album -matching folio delivers new m ateria l that longtim e Rush fans have anxiously awaited. In addition, guitarists will get to experience the spectacular guitar work of Ben M ink! All music dealers and wholesale customers can visit dealer.


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Baltic Sea. Almost ten years to the day later, I was once again put in touch with the splendors of St. Petersburg by a US film crew. Topping it all off is a magnificent film score by Jerry Goldsmith, one of the true masters of movie music, that emphasizes the talents of Branford Marsalis and the gorgeous tone that he gets on the soprano saxophone, pianist Michael Lang and bassist John Patitucci. The closing credits are screened over seven minutes of scrumptious scenes of Moscow and St.


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