Many religious sects such as Christians find it incompatible with their principles of Christian faith. Jealousy is a common phenomenal behavior evident in every human metabolism, a neurotic need for approval and an intense feeling of inferiority. No matter where you go in the world you encounter it. For an example Dr.

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How to Evaluate Jealous Thoughts Photos. Jo Anne White says in an article on "WebMD" that jealousy reflects your view of yourself, demonstrating that you are not truly confident in who you are. Instead of letting jealousy control you, take a few simple steps to overcome it and be grateful for who you are, what you have and what you can do.

Be Honest with Yourself Dr. Raj Raghunathan notes on "Psychology Today" that the first step to get over thoughts of jealousy is to be honest about the fact that you feel inferior to the person you are comparing yourself to. Pushing your jealousy aside or acting as if it is not there will only prevent you from overcoming it and developing the self-confidence you need to be happy. Instead, be honest with yourself about who you are jealous of, why you are jealous of that person and what insecurities you have that are causing you to feel envious.

Build Yourself Up If you are struggling with jealousy, your insecurity is likely the root cause. White notes that if you have a poor self-image, you may be tempted to compare yourself to someone else. Furthermore, you may feel as if you have nothing to offer to keep someone interested in getting to know you. Instead of letting your insecurities define you, focus on what makes you unique, whether it be a talent you have, an exceptional personality trait or a rare ability.

Focusing on your positive traits will keep your mind off of what you lack and give your self-confidence a boost. Do Your Best Therese J. Borchard reports on "PsychCentral" that doing your best is the most effective weapon you have against envy. When you are tempted to wish you had abilities you do not, or dream about looking a certain way, realize that you can only work with what you have. The key to overcoming jealous thoughts is to make the decision to accept who you are and to recognize your limitations.

Stop Comparing Yourself Dr. Keith Ablow notes on "WebMD" that being jealous of the good things your friend has only makes you aware of the fact that you do not have them. You may ask yourself what is wrong with you, or what you have done that has caused someone else to have something you do not.

If you do not entertain thoughts of jealousy, they will not overcome you.


Jealousy: Why it Happens and How to Overcome It

Share 64 Shares Jealousy in relationships is one of the biggest challenges that couples have to deal with. Jealousy is inevitable and to some extent be a good sign of love, however, can dangerously go awry. Fear of loss is what lies at the root of jealousy; there is fear of loss of the relationship and respect in general. Fear is the key generator for feelings of insecurity. It is in human nature to feel jealous every now and then. Nonetheless, various theories have developed with many focusing on various forms of jealousy.


Overcoming jealousy and possessiveness



Jealousy : Why it Happens and How to Overcome It



Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness (Paper)


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