Does being staked to play poker give you a better or worse mindset than playing on your hendler dime? Tilt happens to every player. Side note, I actually know a few of the featured clients by reputation, training videos and forum postsand I think these stories are an essential part of relating the concepts to real life examples. Serious poker players chart their performance over literally hundreds of thousands of hands, and know that a winning, professional-level player can still experience weeks or months of jaed. Sometimes these ups and downs okay, usually the downs begin to affect me emotionally. Just an excellent help in dealing with the psychology of poker.

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How you did the first The Mental Game of Poker book come about? What motivated you to write that book? I felt very strongly that I had something unique to say about the mental game and had gotten a lot of good feedback from the videos that I had done, the questions I had answered on forums, and the players that I had coached.

So writing a book seemed like the natural next step. It took two years! Why did you decide to focus on the poker world? Call it a stroke of good luck. I played poker since I was a kid and always loved the game, but I never considered coaching poker players on the mental game until I happened to meet Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt on the golf course one day. He always wanted to work with a sport psychologist but never had the money.

Now he did, and in he was trying to make Supernova Elite in 10 months but was struggling with huge tilt problems. He was destroying mice, and ripping his computer out of the wall. So a few months after we met he called me for help. After working with him for six month, he had tremendous success and so he offered me an opportunity to make videos for Stoxpoker and the rest is history.

After your book came out, "the zone" became something many started to talk about and seek as if it was the Holy Grail. Can you explain us what it is in few simple words? The zone is the peak of mental performance.

What the most important skill a player needs to have in order to become successful? The desire to be better and the willingness to do whatever they can to be better. You always have them.

The key is to always be working to improve mentally, tactically, or anything else that will make you better. Tilts are usually a very serious problem for poker players, especially for those without too much experience.

How do you work with them to let them overcome their tilts? The key is to take tilt head on, and try to correct it in the moment that it starts. Using this logic helps to reduce tilt and correct it in the long term.

Which one do you think is the key to avoid tilting in poker? Identify the cause of tilt and solve that problem. It is simple to say, but it is much harder to do that of course. Get all the latest PokerNews updates on your social media outlets.


Mental Coach Jared Tendler: "If You Can't Think, You Can't Control Tilt"

Serious poker players chart their performance over literally hundreds of thousands of hands, and know that a winning, professional-level player can still experience weeks or months of downswings. The first thing you should know about The As every poker player knows, poker is a game where you can play perfectly and still lose. The first thing you should know about The Mental Game of Poker is that its intended audience is professional players, or would-be professionals. Not recreational players, not the guy who goes to a casino now and then to gamble. The casual player may still learn a thing or two, but Jared Tendler is addressing players who are actually trying to make a living at poker and who are going to be at the tables for many, many hours.


“Jared’s insights and input has been invaluable.”

I wish I read it 8 years ago. Copies have been flying off the virtual shelves like hot cakes ever since. This is no psychobabble, this is no man sitting on a leather couch in an ivory tower spewing transcendental waves. Tendler provides real steps and real answers for poker players involved in the day to day struggle who are too often beating themselves. Having used it twice so far, I can attest to the fact that it is the perfect blend of psychological theory and practical application. Students who diligently study this book and apply its teachings cannot help but to become successful at poker!

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