Acrylic elastomers[ edit ] Acrylic elastomer is a general term for a type of synthetic rubber whose main component is acrylic acid alkyl ester ethyl or butyl ester. It is divided into old type and new type: Old types include ACM copolymer of acrylic acid ester and 2-chloroethyl vinyl ether containing chlorine and ANM copolymer of acrylic acid ester and acrylonitrile without chloride. Other than the slightly better water resistance of ANM, there are no physical differences; even processability is poor for both types. On the other hand, the new type of acrylic rubber does not contain any chlorine despite its unclear chemical composition. Processability has been improved; most of the tackiness to rolls, as well as staining problems related to mold have been solved.

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It is an acrylic monomer used as an adhesive. Vidyard Video Among other applications, isobornyl acrylate is often used in medical devices.

The selection was made based in part on multiple case reports of diabetes patients developing contact allergies to their diabetes devices, such as insulin pumps, explained Golara Honari, MD, of Stanford Calif. University, who presented the selection at the ACDS annual meeting.

The significance of this allergen is that testing through routine panels does not identify it, so clinician awareness is especially important, Dr. Honari noted in a video interview at the meeting. Most of the reported contact allergen cases have been in patients with diabetes, but clinicians should think about other possible sources, such as acrylic nails, she said. As for treatment, clinicians and patients can consider alternative diabetes devices without isobornyl acrylate, she said. In the future, close collaboration between clinicians and the medical device industry to develop appropriate labeling can help increase awareness of the potential for allergic reactions, she added.

Honari had no relevant financial conflicts to disclose. Next Article:.


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Dermatologists name isobornyl acrylate contact allergen of the year


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