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MPEG-4 is still an evolving standard and is divided into a number of parts. Companies promoting MPEG-4 compatibility do not always clearly state which "part" level compatibility they are referring to. Most of the features included in MPEG-4 are left to individual developers to decide whether or not to implement. This means that there are probably no complete implementations of the entire MPEG-4 set of standards. To deal with this, the standard includes the concept of "profiles" and "levels", allowing a specific set of capabilities to be defined in a manner appropriate for a subset of applications.

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A bitstream can be decoded by a decoder if the characteristics of the coded bitstream are within the subset of the standard specified by the decoder capabilities. These tests can be used for various purposes such as: Conformance extensions for error resilient simple scalable profile Bitstreams In addition, some test bitstreams implemented according to those guidelines are provided as an electronic annex to this document. Advanced Video Coding conformance Bitstreams Decoder characteristics define the properties and capabilities of the applied decoding process.

The flexibility is obtained by including parameters in the bitstream that define the characteristics of coded bitstreams. AFX reference software extensions Software.

Guidelines are given on constructing tests to verify bitstream and decoder conformance. Visual new levels and tools Bitstreams These tests can be used for various purposes such as:. This document a draft of a conformance test specification for the multi-resolution frame compatible stereoscopic video coding extension of the Advanced Video Coding standard.

Conformance extensions for error resilient simple scalable profile. The characteristics of a bitstream define the subset of the standard that is exploited in the bitstream. Examples are the audio sampling frequency, uso size, picture shape, picture rate, bitrate parameters, synchronisation timestamps, the association of bitstreams and synthetic objects within objects, the association of objects within scenes, the protection of bitstreams, objects and scenes.

An example of a property is the applied arithmetic accuracy. TOP Related Posts.


ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004/Amd 46:2019



ISO/IEC 14496-4



ISO/IEC 14496-4:2004


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