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The International Electrotechnical Commission held its inaugural meeting on 26 June , following discussions among the British Institution of Electrical Engineers , the American Institute of Electrical Engineers , and others, which began at the Paris International Electrical Congress,[ citation needed ] and continued with Colonel R. Crompton playing a key role. In , it published a multilingual international vocabulary to unify terminology relating to electrical, electronic and related technologies. This effort continues, and the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary the on-line version of which is known as the Electropedia remains an important work in the electrical and electronic industries. Currently, 86 countries are IEC members while another 87 participate in the Affiliate Country Programme, which is not a form of membership but is designed to help industrializing countries get involved with the IEC.

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Section 8 — Software verification. The detailed results made it easier to identify problems with our code and to justify unproven or unreachable code.

Table B4 Detailed design and coding. In developing the diesel engine control software, MTU developers used Polyspace code verifiers to check their code for run-time errors before checking it into the version control system.

Embedded control software typically contains infinite loops. We had to set up a new, highly sophisticated development process that would enable us to satisfy IEC requirements. Automated unit and integration testing for Ada code. Each of these elements, however, had to be justified, which meant explaining why it was not an issue. There was a problem providing the content you requested Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location.

IEC defines requirements for the software used in computer-based instrumentation and nuclear power plant control systems—specifically, software that performs functions of safety category A, as defined by IEC In other cases, they may note that the operation could result in an overflow or underflow condition. Fitness for purpose litigation against companies and individuals is now an increasing risk. Table B3 Self supervision.

Based on your location, we recommend that you select: In the event of an outage of the primary power supply, power plant operators rely on diesel engine-driven generators for the backup power needed to process vital functions. However, even the most detailed results are insufficient evidence for regulatory authorities and our customers that the software fulfills the requirements of the standard. Polyspace code verifiers, in contrast, deliver consistent results no matter how many times they are run on the same code.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Your basket is empty. Polyspace code verifiers highlight code that is proven to be free of certain categories of run-time errors, enabling the team to isc their reviews on the remaining code. Dynamic testing for IEC compliance. MTU build engineers also ran the Polyspace code verifiers as part of the automated nightly build and test process, using the results to identify areas of code that needed more developer attention.

This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. Each tool has been certified as usable uec development of safety related software according to IEC For example, as a defensive programming practice, the developers implemented each switch statement in C with a default option that could not be reached via normal operation. Click to learn The development team is then responsible for justifying this potential failure condition or correcting the code as Each instance was deemed justified because we knew exactly what was causing the Polyspace code verifier to mark it as unreachable code.

Shortcomings of Standard Development Processes. Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. Test framework generation Test case generation Test execution Results diagnostics ied report generation. Expanding the Use of Polyspace Code Verification. Chapter 14 of IEC covers the appropriate use of software tools, including those that can increase the integrity of the software development process and improve software reliability.

Classification of instrumentation and control functions. Instrumentation and control systems important to safety. AMD is a corrigendum. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Nuclear-electric power stations, Electric power stations, Nuclear power, Instruments, Control systems, Nuclear safety, Nuclear technology, Nuclear reactors, Measuring instruments, Classification systems.

The Normative Annex B5. Nuclear power plant applications require the highest standards of safety and reliability.

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ČSN EN 61226 (356643)

Category A denotes the functions that play a principal role in the achievement and maintenance of NPP safety as they prevent design basis events leading to unacceptable consequences. Category A also contains functions whose failure could directly lead to accident conditions which may cause unacceptable consequences if not mitigated by other category A functions. Category A functions have high reliability requirements. Consequently, it can be necessary to limit their functionality and complexity. Category B denotes functions that play a complementary role to the category A functions in the achievement or maintenance of NPP safety. This includes especially the functions required to operate after the non-hazardous stable state has been achieved, to prevent design basis events DBE from leading to unacceptable consequences, or to mitigate the consequences of DBE. Because of the presence of category A functions which represent the ultimate threshold for the prevention or mitigation of the consequences of a DBE, the safety requirements for the Category B function need not be as high as those for the category A function.


International Electrotechnical Commission

Предисловие Цели и принципы стандартизации в Российской Федерации установлены Федеральным законом от 27 декабря г. Системы контроля и управления, важные для безопасности. Классификация функций контроля и управления" IEC "Nuclear power plants - Instrumentation and control systems important for safety - Classification of instrumentation and control functions". Международный стандарт МЭК был подготовлен в подкомитете 45А "Контроль и управление на ядерных объектах" Технического комитета 45 "Ядерное приборостроение". При применении настоящего стандарта рекомендуется использовать вместо ссылочных международных стандартов соответствующие им национальные стандарты Российской Федерации, сведения о которых приведены в дополнительном приложении ДА 5 ВВЕДЕН ВПЕРВЫЕ Информация об изменениях к настоящему стандарту публикуется в ежегодно издаваемом информационном указателе "Национальные стандарты", а текст изменений и поправок - в ежемесячно издаваемых информационных указателях "Национальные стандарты". В случае пересмотра замены или отмены настоящего стандарта соответствующее уведомление будет опубликовано в ежемесячно издаваемом информационном указателе "Национальные стандарты".


BS IEC 61226:2005


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