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Islamic dreams about Ibn Siren find dream interpretations. When asked about the contradiction, Ibn Siren said that the first dream was made when the season was over and trees were dry; as for the second, it took place when waters were irrigating the trees.

And he was right, on both occasions. When I unfolded and hung it, I found it rotten in the middle. The dreamer should also take care not to lose his mind, because the mind is a flat jewel, adds Ibn Siren. Therefore, riding a horse on the wall, on the roof, or in a sanctuary would be a bad omen, except if it was a winged horse flying between heaven and earth.

The latter case would mean dignity in life, travel, and deep religious faith. A man told Ibn Siren he dreamed that he was on a horse with iron lances. A man once came to him and told him he dreamed that his fiancee had become black and short.

Her shortness, her life. Red skin is a symbol of dignity and relief, especially if it is whitish. Yellow means disease, except if the yellow is gorgeous, in which case the dreamer will be close to God in the Hereafter, if God wills.

A white complexion means that the dreamer is religious, faithful, and righteous. If his cheeks turn white, he will enjoy dignity and prosperity. When he arrived at her place, he discovered that her husband had returned the previous day and uttered a sigh of relief. Cat Dream Explanation — The case would be worse if the cat dreamt of was of the wild type. By contrast, a quiet she-cat means a comfortable year, a savage one a year full of harm.

The she-cat is sometimes a reference to tender motherhood. The she-cat usually symbolizes an evil and deceitful woman. And so it was. There was a black bath attendant in the neighbourhood. The people of the area got hold of him, and he confessed to his crime and restored the money. As for defining the exact amount, Ibn Siren said that each letter of the alphabet had its specific number.

A man who saw himself penetrating a mouse and coming out with a date from its ass asked Ibn Siren about the meaning of such a dream. The interpreter replied that his fortune was declining and that he was trying to conceal this fact, in vain, which he admitted. Lion Dream Explanation — The lion is a ruler, a tyrant, or a powerful and very dangerous person, in view of the ferocity and devastating anger of that animal.

It also symbolizes the warrior, the swindler, the thief, the treacherous worker, the policeman, the insatiable enemy, and perhaps hardships and death, because he who stares at it turns pale, loses his self-control, and is as good as dead, says Ibn Siren. Furthermore, it represents the ruler who embezzles public funds and commits injustice and the lurking enemy. The lioness symbolizes the daughter of a king.

Taragon Dream Explanation — Taragon symbolizes a person of mean origin, because it emanates from wild rue, which has to be immersed in vinegar for a whole year before being tender enough to be planted, according to Ibn Siren. The same applies to the wicker bottle. Mongoose Dream Explanation — The mongoose symbolizes adultery. Seeing it means that the dreamer will commit adultery, for it basically kills snakes, but it also steals hens, which according to Ibn Siren have similarities with women.

Dreaming of barley is better than dreaming of wheat. Prematurity is not favoured by the interpreters of dreams, except for the ability to speak early, because, says Ibn Siren, man is a talking animal. So the act is more or less natural. But for the rest it heralds a scandal or death.

Bad dreams of that kind involve, for example, little children with beards, getting married, or kids having a baby. For Ibn Siren, manufactured white glass represents religion and life, especially if the name God is written on or carved in it. Otherwise, it refers to the ephemeral.

He also concurs that it is part of the essence of women. Kidney Dream Explanation — According to Ibn Siren, the kidneys are the organs responsible for wealth and discrimination between right and wrong. They also allude to relatives.

Weasel Dream Explanation — The weasel is among the human beings that, according to religious belief, were cursed and turned into animals, says Ibn Siren. In dreams, it symbolizes a foolish and harsh person, unjust and with little, if any, mercy.

The same interpretation for a cat applies to it.



Islamic dreams about Ibn Sireen Book find dream interpretations. If one is seeking marriage and sees a sealed book in his hand in a dream, it means that his betrothal to someone will end in marriage. Seeing or receiving a blank letter or a book from someone in a dream means absence of his news, or not knowing where he lives. If one sees a book descending to him from the heavens and if he thinks in the dream that he understood the contents, then whatever good or bad news it brings, it will be the same in wakefulness. Book Dream Explanation — If he is depressed, it means that he will be able to dispel his worries. If he is travelling in a foreign country, it means that he will find a way back to his mother land, where he will find happiness again. Carrying a book in the right hand denotes a prosperous year.


TIP Type slowly and get suggestions. You can scroll and click them with your mouse! Popular Tags: snake , crying , death , marriage , baby , water , car , money , dog , house , cat , pregnant , fish , husband , blood , running , wedding , naked , man , more. However, Ibn Siren, without a shadow of a doubt, did not write any book on dream interpretation. This text was kept by his brother, Yahyaa Ibn Siren, because Muhammed Ibn Siren, in his later days, did not like to keep books.


Bookmark what was your dream about.. Islamic dreams about Ibn Sireen Book Arabic find dream interpretations. Ibn Sireen Book Arabic dream interpretations Arabic Dream Explanation — See Language Arabic months Dream Explanation — If the dream happens during the sixth lunar month, known in Arabic as Jamada-al-Thani, and if the dream carries a good meaning, it will come, but slow and one should not contradict it. Arabic months Dream Explanation — A dream during the eighth lunar month, known in Arabic as Shaaban, represents a dream and ranks, for during this month, every good deed will be honoured. As for the ninth lunar month, known in Arabic as Ramadan, in it, all difficulties will be suspended, evil will be shun and stinginess will be dispelled. During this month all what is good will manifest and bad dream will dissipate to become null and void.

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