Рекуператор Хелиос послужит долгий срок, и Вы забудете о проблемах с микроклиматом и тяжелым воздухом. Хорошее оснащение и приятный дизайн вычеркивают все сомнения по поводу того, чтобы купить рекуператор Helios KWL EC Рекомендации по применению Рекуператор создает процесс проветривания механическим образом, то есть, он выводит из помещения отработанные и загрязненные воздушные массы, а вместо них эффективно запускает свежий и чистый воздух. При всем этом, он, в дополнение, фильтрует воздушные потоки от всех загрязнений с улицы, да еще и подогревает приток, чтобы создать максимально комфортные условия для Вас.

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Hydraulic unit to warm water heater battery temperature controller V including hoses. All models are equipped with easyControls, and optional enthalpy heat exchanger. Energy saving for a healthy climate. Tested according to passive-house standards.

Research proves that people living or working in inadequately ventilated buildings suffer from many ailments such as headache and allergies.

Compact unit with heat recovery, right-hand version EC-motors automatic bypass and Web server. For low-energy- and passive houses, multi-storey buildings and commercial use. Compact unit with heat recovery, right-hand version EC-motors, enthalpy heat exchanger automatic bypass and Web server.

The political measures heios for the global climate will affect the construction industry over the next few years.

Ideal for use kwwl central systems with heat recovery in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Duct connector spigot DN with seal. Helios in a new Heoios Wall installed unit with heat exchanger and EC-technology For single rooms, with air flows up to kl. The ventilation concept with added value. CO2-sensor with Helios Bus and V output.

Building control system interfaces and optional controls and air quality sensors provide additional options. Differential pressure switch Pressure range 50 — Pa. Connecting cable for speed controller, length 10 m. Ideal to bring exi- sting buildings up to modern novation and to EnEV standard. Comfort speed controller incl. Slide switch controller 3 speed operation with LED, flush mounted version.

Duct connector spigot, short, DN with seal. Wall installed unit with heat recovery and EC-technology For single rooms, with air flows up to approx. KNX module Helios easycontrols and for control cabinet installation.

NEW: KWL EC W Perfectly adapted accessories, air distribution systems for extract- supply- intake and heliks air as well as undersoil heat exchanger ensure the trouble-free and energy-saving operation of the KWL system.

Enthalpy heat exchanger for additional humidity recovery. The access to the outsi- de air is simply made by a core drilling in the outer wall in which the Reducer DN with seal to DN with seal. Water heater battery for duct diameter mm.

See description on the below. Just as important as the KWL ventilation unit is the suitable system-periphery in the building. In these circumstances the demand for energy efficiency standards, for the establishment and renewal of buildings, increases further. They therefore redefine the standard for the operation of KW devices. Ideal room climate provides In living quarters the relative room humidity should lie bet- humidity mucous membranes, dry dust and electrostatic char- These effects become appa- rent, in the cold season, if the outside air has a high saturati- on level so that when warming, the relative Open the catalog to page 5.

Compact unit with heat recovery, left-hand version EC-motors automatic bypass and Web hleios. Ducting of intake air and exhaust air. Connecting cable to controller, 5 m long.

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