Marc Weissbluth is pretty legendary. But is this book really one of the definitive works on baby and toddler sleep? Is it worth buying and reading cover-to-cover? We can help answer that; today, Nicole is sharing her take on this incredibly popular baby sleep book, and letting you know whether, in her opinion, this one is worth reading or not. The most important thing you can learn from this book is the importance of not letting your baby get over-tired, which actually counter-intuitively makes it harder for your baby to sleep. In addition, the book offers explanations as to why some babies struggle more than others when it comes to sleep.

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Sometimes the book is contradictory and it is poorly organized. So why my rare 5 star rating? It is just full of good information about sleep development.

My fourth baby is an infant, and remembering that now is when she will start staying up really late at night but at 6 weeks will be ready for an earlier bedtime is sanity saving. What he is most insistent on is that children - and their parents - get the sleep they need. I would recommend parents not choose a day when they are desperate for sleep changes to read this. Chapters have an "action plan" section, but I find them confusing.

Read it to get a sense of how much and when your child needs sleep and be watching for those windows of change. I hate his preachy tone and militant approach. I have literally thrown it across the room in frustration.

We are currently trying his "sleep rules" approach to deal with her getting out of bed a thousand times a night, with some success, but I think it has more to do with the This book makes me feel like a failure as a parent when my child has sleep issues. We are currently trying his "sleep rules" approach to deal with her getting out of bed a thousand times a night, with some success, but I think it has more to do with the holidays winding down and getting used to the baby than it does with the "sleep rules.

Mostly because the author admits that there are different approaches that can work depending on your child and your parenting style.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Prevent and Treat Sleep Problems

Daniel Weissbluth believes that quality sleep guidance from the moment your baby comes home from the hospital can prevent many future sleep problems. His apps aid parents in reinforcing many of these healthy sleep habits in their households. For this reason, sleep advice is given at all well visits and sleep consults are available to families outside the practice at their request. Baby Sleep Weissbluth Pediatrics believes very strongly in good, quality sleep for your baby. It is also normal for your baby to be awake for no more than hours at a time, including feeding times. The most restful sleep is sleep that is motionless.


The Weissbluth Method

Tweet Dr. After a discussion of how many uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms result from being overtired, Dr. Weissbluth reported that the more tired you are, the harder it is to fix a difficult situation. The information about new research updates our knowledge even since the fourth edition of Dr. The good news is that parents can prevent this and the not as good news is that parents can also contribute to this.


Newborn sleep tips from Dr. Marc Weissbluth

About Dr. In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins, he builds on more than 30 years of research and pediatric experience to explain his step-by-step regime for instituting beneficial sleep habits. This valuable sourcebook contains brand new research that: Pinpoints the way daytime sleep differs from night sleep and why both are important to your child Helps you cope with and stop the crybaby syndrome, nightmares, bedwetting, and more Analyzes ways to get your twins to fall asleep according to his internal clock—naturally Reveals the common mistakes parents make to get their twins to sleep—including the inclination to rock and feed Explores the different sleep cycle needs for different temperaments—from quiet babies to hyperactive toddlers Emphasizes the significance of a nap schedule Rest is vital to the healthy growth and development of your twins. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins outlines proven strategies that ensure good, healthy sleep for every age.

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