It was the most wonderful speech I have ever heard. It was very motivating and inspiring. It is really difficult for me to stop myself sharing his wonderful thoughts. Harsha Bhogle is a man with multiple personalities. When he is not with Cricket big shots in the commentary box, he contributes as columnist to multiple news papers.

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That is a huge feeling. Sometimes, the focus on the end removes the focus from the means - are we treading the right path? Take care of the runs - the dollars will take care of themselves. Perfect the process of performance - dont allow the pressure of the result to choke your performance. Set yourself perfromance goals, not result goals.

People who are excellent never say - I was great BUT.. That just means you are putting the blame on somebody else. This means, you are not great already. You tell yourself that No. The moment you surround yourself with people who are NOT better than you - you stop growing.

For a very selfish reason, always surround yourself with people who are better than you. I had no heroes. So I hung around with the crew. My heroes were all technicians. Or - we start hating criticism. Marry a girl who will tell you whn you are wrong. Only then will your marriage survive. I genuinely wanted to be a great fielder. I wanted to be a very good fielder. Besides, if I make my guests on the show more comfortable, they perform better.

I try not to have an ego. Subjugate the self - lose the EGO. I have the greatest job in the world. What matters is attitude. Its important what you do with that talent. So they dont know how to succeed in case you failed. You work ethic and attitude counts for far far more than your talent. Talent might open the firt door, second door - but surely not the last door.

The more mistakes you make, the more you know what not to do. Excellence is as much about knowing what to do - as about knowing what not to do. If you can be excellent at not knowing what NOT to do, you will know what to do. You make things happnen for yourself. It is a combination of preparation and recognition. It not only means you are ready for the opportunity when it comes - but it also means that you are earlier to spot the opportunity.

I win it when I am riding in thee mountains in the winters when nobody wants to ride. Excellence is about humility. If you are not humble, you will not be willing to hang around, to do the things it takes to seize the opportunity when it comes. Excellence is not insecure. People who have achieved excellence have always been ready to stretch their own limits. When will you be ready to take chances? When you are ready to face the results - when you are sure of yourself.

What is the worst thing that will happen? Are you scared of failure? You will also know what you cannot do. All of us learn by trying. Sometimes, we are too anxious about the future - sometimes we are too caught up in the past. You must make the most of what you have now.

People for whom the past is more glorious than the present will never succeed! Excellence lives in the present.


July 30, 2005: Harsha Bhogle’s address at IIM, Ahmedabad

At least one Indian always rocks in every Cricket tournament. And he is Harsha Bhogle, a cricket commentator, the best among all contemporary cricket commentators. Bue hello!! He is not just a commentator, he is much more. Before several years one could find him on the footpath outside the IIMA campus, sipping cup of tea at famous roadside tea stall there. Enjoy here his 1 hour 18 minute speech in video. Quality of video is poor.


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Early life[ edit ] Harsha Bhogle is the son of Prof. Bhogle, a Professor of French, and Prof. Shalini Bhogle, a Professor of Psychology. Then, he joined an advertising agency and worked there for two years, following which he completed another two-year at a sports management company. Career[ edit ] Bhogle began his career as a cricket player for the APCA and has played small level cricket. He started commentating at the age of 19 with All India Radio , while living in Hyderabad. In , he was given the seat in commentary by Ian Bishop to conduct the final interviews when Sachin Tendulkar played his final test.




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