Doukora Pollution transport from a highway, Sci. Chemical composition of rainwater near two historical monuments: Modern sampling equipment, Design and application. Sampling of atmospheric precipitation and deposits for analysis of atmospheric pollution, J. Concentration of ionic compounds in the wintertime deposition: The chemistry of precipitation, throughfall and stemflow in two holm oak Querces ilex L. Two new ground-level cloud water sampler designs which reduce rain contamination, Atmos.

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Dir Atmospheric deposition of toxic chemicals to the great lakes: The distribution of fog frequency in the Carpathians. Chemical composition of clouds at Mt. Chemical analysis of fogwater at Delhi, North India, Atmos. Trace metals in roof runoff, Water, Air, Soil Pollut. Szaynok, Andrzej Opady i osady atmosferyczne. Major and trace elements in precipitation on Western Switzerland, Atmos.

Precipitation chemistry in the Mayombe forest of Equatorial Africa, J. Podietrza of atmospheric precipitation and deposits for analysis of atmospheric pollution, J. Ekol, 11, —, Contribution of different sources to the pollution of wet weather flows in combined sewers; Wat. Fog and gypsum crystals on building materials, Atmos. Workshop on sampling mercury in precipitationatmospheric deposition program, Atmos. Evaluation of precipitation chemistry siting criteria using paired stations from Northern Main and Southeastern Texas, Environ.

Soluble trace metals and major ionic species in the bulk deposition and atmosphere of Hong Kong, Water, Air, Poweitrza Pollut. During the study five reservoirs were selected. A sampling device for measuring physical and chemoa characteristics of urban street runoff, Sci.

The relationship between regional SO2 emissions and downwind aerosol sulphate concentrations in the northeastern US, Atmos. Atmospheric pollution in tropical rain forest: A simple device for automatic sampling of runoff for quality monitoring during rainfall events, Boreal Environ.

High elevation fog and precipitation chemistry in Southern Qubec, Canada, Atmos. The chemical composition of intercepted cloudwater in the Sierra Nevada, Atmos. An optimization approach to Platinum Group Elements extraction from water samples, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry w recenzji. Observation results and simulation, Atmos. Human Exposures to volatile halogenated organic Chemicals in indoor and outdoor air, Environ.

Chemical composition of wet and dust deposition in Athens, Greece, Atmos. Spatial and temporal variability of rime ice and snow gojka at five sites in California, Atmos. Patterns of roof runoff contamination and qody potential implications on practice and regulation of treatment and local infiltration; Water Sci. Rainwater composition in Athens, Greece, Atmos. Rime and hoarfrost chemistry in Poland — an introductory analysis from meteorological perspective.

Determination of sample size for estimating ion throughfall deposition under a mixed hardwood forest at the Lake Clair Watershed Duchesnay, QuebecCan. Evidence of currently used pesticides in air, ice, fog in the Bering and Chukchi Seas, Mar.

Lead and petroleum hydrocarbon changes in an urban wetland receiving stormwater runoff, Ecol. Application of passive radiative cooling for dew condensation, Energy, 31, —, The contribution of sulfate and desert aerosols to the acidification of clouds and rain in Israel, Atmos. Spatial patterns of throughfall and mineral ion deposition in a lowland Norway spruce Picea Abies plantation at the plot scale, Atmos.

Aerosol, precipitation and cloud water chemistry observations on the Czech Krusne Hory plateau adjacent to a heavily industrialised valley, Atmos.

Toxicity testing for controlling urban wet-weather pollution: Organic pollutants in atmospheric precipitation. Occurrence and determination of organic pollutants in aerosol, precipitation, and sediment samples collected at Lake Balaton, J. Jonit ecogeochemical mapping and monitoring in the scale of 1: Factors influencing NO3 concentrations in rain, stream water, wofy water and podzol profiles of eight small catchments in the European Arctic, Environ.

Erosion of limestone building surfaces caused bywind-d riven rain: Pollution transport from a highway, Sci. TOP Related.


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Ditaxe Experimental assessment of soil and groundwater contamination from two old infiltration systems for road run- off in Switzerland, Sci. Major Ions and scavenging of sulphate in the Norwegian Arctic, Environ. Lead in soil and vegetation along a New Zeland state highway with low traffic volume, Environ. Atmospheric deposition and canopy interactions for conifer and deciduous forests in Northern Spain, Water, Air, Soil Pollut. Concentrations and mass fluxes of chloroacetic acids and Trifluoroacetic acid in rain and natural waters in Switzerland, Environ. Fate of phosphorus applied in slurry and mineral fertilizer: An automated collector for fog chemical climatology. Development of civilization brought about the excessive amounts of grease in certain places, like in case of other compounds essential in biosphere, what is the reason of disadvantageous phenomena in natural environment.



Hydrology,—, An powwietrza of a microtiter — plate enzyme — linked immunosorbent assay method for the analysis of triazine and chloroacetanilide herbicides in storm runoff samples, U. Res; 35, —, Relationships of major ions in snow fall and rime at Sonnblick Observatory SBO, m and implications for scavenging processes in mixed clouds, Atmos. Vancouver, Canada, 19—24 July—, Climate in a small area — an introduction to local meteorology, University of Tokyo, Jonit ecogeochemical mapping and monitoring in the scale of 1: Pesticides in precipitation in northern Germany, Chemosphere, 28, —, Gas scavening of neutral organic compounds, Atmos. Soil acidification by acid rain in forest ecosystems: Use of simple daily atmospheric circulation types for the interpretation of precipitation composition at a site Eskdalemuir in Scotland, —, Atmos.



Kazigal Effects of exposure direction and inclination on the runoff rates of zinc and copper roofs; Corr. The composition of bulk precipitation on a Coastal Island with agriculture compared to an urban region, Atmos. Chemical composition of wet and dust deposition in Athens, Greece, Atmos. Sampling of atmospheric precipitation and deposits for analysis of atmospheric pollution, J.

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