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To his students on Team 7, Kakashi teaches the importance of teamwork, a lesson he received, along with the Sharingan, from his childhood friend, Obito Uchiha. In the anime, many believed he purposely killed Rin to prevent her from leaking information, earning him the nickname "Friend-Killer Kakashi". Many, especially those in Anbu believed he would kill a comrade without hesitation if it was for the sake of completing the mission.

He would also spend his days avoiding friends and former classmates and at night he would be haunted by dreams of himself killing Rin again. Kakashi did well in the Anbu, eventually becoming a captain and the leader of Team Ro. Minato therefore tried a different tactic: assigning Kakashi to protect his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, during her pregnancy. Kakashi carried out his duties faithfully, monitoring Kushina from the shadows whenever she left her home.

During a mission, Kakashi encountered another Root member codenamed "Kinoe" who was able to use Wood Release. Knowing that Wood Release was unique to the First Hokage, Kakashi broke in to the Hokage Residence to see what he could learn about this anomaly.

The Third caught him, but freely gave him the information he wanted: Konoha had tried to recreate the Wood Release powers in the past, but abandoned the project for killing too many test subjects. The Third then mused that the Nine-Tails might have been defeated and Minato saved had the research been successful.

Kakashi easily defeated him, but chose to spare his life in the belief that he would become a valuable ally in the future. Kakashi attempted to resign from the Anbu afterwards for working against the Hokage, but the Third insisted his service was invaluable and made Kakashi his right-hand man. From investigating a series of disappearances, Kakashi provided a lead and it was discovered that Orochimaru was behind the Wood Release research that produced Kinoe.

Kakashi followed him once he regained his composure, but was captured by the Iburi clan, who were loyal to Orochimaru. Kinoe, their ally, convinced them to let him interrogate Kakashi. Kakashi later planned to use Yukimi to capture Orochimaru, since she was of great importance to him. Overhearing that, Yukimi slipped away and returned to the cave. Kakashi continued to investigate Orochimaru over the following years, eventually locating one of his secret labs.

Kakashi tried to reason with him, telling him friendship should take higher priority than the mission. When Kinoe accused Kakashi of violating that creed by killing Rin, Kakashi, enraged, overpowered him in order to bring him before the Third Hokage. As Kinoe was taken captive, Kakashi managed to slay the creature.

Three years later, Itachi Uchiha was added to Team Ro. Kakashi and Itachi were at one point assigned to observe a meeting between Konoha and the Land of Woods. When news emerged that Itachi was responsible and that he had killed his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, in pursuit of power, Kakashi lamented his failure to have had a better influence on Itachi. Because of what happened with Itachi, the Third Hokage felt that individuals with kind hearts did not belong in the Anbu.

He therefore thanked Kakashi for his years of service and relieved him of his duty, returning him to the standard forces. Over the years, he was placed in charge of several teams of Academy graduates, but none ever demonstrated the teamwork he considered to be so important. In the anime, he started worrying that his own methods were too harsh, but from seeing how his former underlings that he previously failed prospered due to his teachings, his faith was reaffirmed.

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