Anybody interested in early electronic music is advised to peruse it! To coincide with the article, here I present a slice of oscillation: Song of the R33 based on a runaway airship that allegedly had its radio communications interfered with by people oscillating their radios. The only sound sources are oscillating radio valves, and it gives a rather exaggerated flavour of the kind of sounds that polluted the airwaves of the s and 30s. Leon Theremin c. This effect was seized upon by Leon Theremin, who took the oscillation principle and upscaled the capacitive body effect to produce his hands-free electronic instrument, the Theremin.

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Rickard was instrumental in encouraging the Willises to publish their own Fortean journal — the "INFO Journal: Science and the Unknown" began intermittent publication in Spring, — and sent them many British newspaper clippings, although few saw print. Rickard later discovered that the production was fraught behind-the-scenes as Ronald Willis had been seriously ill, Paul thus finding it difficult to "keep up with things" on his own.

Ron Willis succumbed to a brain tumour in March The News saw fairly regular bi-monthly publication for 15 issues between November and April The first issue featured a cover which would become briefly the unofficial logo of The News drawn by Rickard from a Selfridges advert originally created by Bernard Partridge.

The price was raised slightly for 6 — which also saw the page count upped to 24pg — due in large part to rising postal and paper costs. Helping behind the scenes was Steve Moore , a kindred-spirit whom Rickard met at a comics convention when the latter was a sub-editor at IPC. The two found they had much in common — including a love of Chinese mysticism — and Moore helped inspire Rickard to publish The News.

X"; Mike Dash and cartoonist Hunt Emerson. Emerson was introduced to Rickard in late , when after seven issues, he "wanted to improve the graphics", which Emerson certainly did, providing around 30 headings for use in issues 8 onwards. Watson would later write a regular column of UFO commentary entitled Enigma Variations from 29 , and articles on the subject of UFO -related murders and stories of sexual assault by aliens. Issues 2 and 3 noted that The News was published "with an arrangement with INFO", this was revised from 4 to it being "affiliated to the International Fortean Organisation ".

From 5, Mark A. Described by Rickard as "as much a disciple of George [Herriman] Issue 15 — now with 28 pages — announced that Rickard had decided to bow to popular opinion and retitle his miscellany with a more descriptive title. Even by passing on rising postal and paper costs to the readership — which Rickard constantly reiterates that he is loath to do, the early Fortean Times was constantly facing an uphill financial battle.

Early editorials of the new FT, therefore in fact beginning with The News 15 featured a notification of donations received, naming and thanking the hardcore readership which included many current and future-contributors for monies received, which aided the move towards higher production values. With donations helping to offset costs, the price was held at 50p up until issue 20, whereupon the magazine dropped to a quarterly schedule from Spring Issue 21 — but raised the page count and price to continue producing the same amount of material for the same yearly fee 40pg, 75p ea.

Issue 18 saw a new semi-regular feature entitled "Forteana Corrigenda," aimed at correcting "errors in the literature" that had crept into various Fortean works through misquotation or other difficulties. He was joined by contributing editor David Fideler, and subsequently also as co-associate editor by Paul Sieveking 28— and Valerie Thomas 31— Issue 20 announced that Kay Thompson a staff member of Ley Hunter magazine, then under the editorship of Paul Devereux , with whom FT shared an address for several issues would be helping to type parts of subsequent issues to further delegate the burden from Rickard.

He, Moore and Sieveking were also later joined editorially by author Mike Dash who is mentioned as particularly overseeing the publication of scholarly occasional papers , before Moore moved from full editorial to largely correspondent duties for a dozen issues after 42, returning as a contributing editor in Autumn The same issue ran an obituary for Eric Frank Russell , of whom Rickard was a considerable fan.

He writes that Russell turned down an invitation to contribute material to The News back in , having "earned his rest" after 40 years as an active Fortean. Indeed, this was the semi-official address of FT until that shop closed. Sieveking joined the FT team with 28 as co-associate editor, and writes, highlighting the intrinsic early difficulties in printing FT that that issue "was printed by an Israeli entrepreneur in northern Greece and shipped to London.

Issue 30 announced that while "over the last couple of issues [the] subscriber list Schadewald wrote about "The Great Fish Fall of " while Hunt Emerson produced the first cartoon strip under the title "Phenomenomix". Sieveking took over full editorial duties from Rickard with 43, helming the subsequent four quarterly issues to 46 to give Rickard a chance to "revitalize", [19] which he did, returning with 46 to the position of co-editor.

Colour, professional printing and wider distribution followed and a 6. Several changes of logo and font have occurred throughout its life. General content[ edit ] The identification of correct original sources by contributors is a defining feature of the magazine, as it was for Charles Fort himself. However, the "objective reality" of these reports is not as important.

The magazine "maintains a position of benevolent scepticism towards both the orthodox and the unorthodox" and " toes no party line ". The range of subject matter is extremely broad including, but not limited to, the following:.



They will then, inevitably and rightly, ask the follow-up question: In addition to conducting interviews and research, Holzer often brought a medium with him on a case. Assuming their report to be genuine and I have no reason to doubt itthere seems little option but to assume that giant freshwater eels timee indeed exist, at least in the Ohio waterways. In latethere was a newspaper story that Mrs Trunley had just given birth to another very large, heavy son; this may well have been the Albert Edward Trunley whose birth was registered in earlybut nothing more is known about him than that he expired in Later stages involved falls of objects including potatoes, tin cans and coins, inside and outside. Telegraph, 28 Sept But the story does not end there. At the former gates of the ill-fated Fornham Park, which lies adjacent to the Monument across the river, a dangerous female apparition known as Red Hannah was said to appear at dusk, serving as a bugbear for threatening wayward children.


Fortean Times March 2015 UK

Dogami Buy ForteanTimes Magazines eBay So that is why the 7,year-old cave paintings of apparent swimmers, in the appropriately named Cave of Swimmers in a very dry region of southwestern Egypt, have always seemed incongruous. According to a Daily Mirror journalist, the Fat Boy was in despair at the thought of being forced to go to school, but still he devoured two plates of winkles, 17 slices timea thick bread and butter, and two pieces of cake for Sunday tea, as the astonished newspaperman looked on. The countess joined him in his I travels and employed her artistic talents g on illustrations for his early books. H OW many of you know about Hans Holzer? He has written for FT on Merseyside doppelgangers, ghostlore and the mysterious Marsupilami. Fortean Times — Wikipedia Nationally, only one of the paralysed children has fully recovered, while about two- thirds have got slightly better. Investigations in Russian scientific institutions have revealed that the age of the Ball is estimated at a few million years.


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Could these be folkloric clues that the site was once a focus of female-centred worship and veneration of goddesses? They are match to share their perspectives and opinions, but mxrch that no theory explains all aspects of the data collected. But after the midfield dynamo scored 14 more goals last season, the curse was forgotten. In latehe was four feet tall, with a chest measurement of 44in 1.


Fortean Times - March 2015


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