Get a quote to repair your boiler now. Ferroli Modena HE Combi Error Codes Fault Code System Behaviour A01 No burner ignition — possibly no gas, detection or ignition electrode fault, defective gas valve, incorrect inlet gas pressure A02 Flame detected with the burner off — possibly caused by ionisation, defective electrode or main board defective. Check the printed circuit board PCB or ionizing electrode wiring A03 High limit protection — flow temperature sensor not active, incorrectly located or no system circulation. Check the position of the flow sensor or check pump and radiator valves A04 Flue gas fault — could be because F07 happened 3 times in the last 24 hours — check the flue A05 Fan problem — tachometer signal interrupted for 1 hour or longer — check the wiring and the fan A06 No flame after ignition phase — possible causes: detection electrode fault, flame unstable, incorrect valve gas offset, flue gas circuit A41 Flow sensor disconnected — check the correct positioning and operation of the flow sensors A42 Flow sensor fault — sensor needs changing F07 High fume temperature — the exchanger probe detects an excessive temperature for over 2 minutes — check the exchanger.

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Kazrami Also, buy some high quality pellets a sack or two and see if the problem dissapears. I will let u know how it operates later the following days. Hi, Nice explanation of operation, thanks!!! Per Drona, hai provato altri bruciatori a pellet oppure hai usato altri bruciatori a pellet??? There are burners with a different design that are not so sensible to pellet quality. Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner — how to fix. Our second batch come from Slovenia but the quality appears to be a little less than the ones from Bosnia, only slightly though.

Check that the power levels increase in power from parameter set 1 power level 1 to parameter set 5 power level 5. Thanks Drona,you apsoluting right. Ho usato solo la griglia standard. The burner has 5 power settings u I have put pellet again and will do the tests again later today.

So, uo2 is 3, which is set by factory, I have increased it to 4 and increased level of fan at parameter t14, which is for power level 4, from factory setting to Hello First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this ferrooi and for all fine explanation at the beginning.

I have to look for it more carefully this days. I have sun p7 pellet burner and want to remove simbol for automatic mode ferrolj display. The price is exactly half of cheapest one bulgarian that I can ferro,i here. For example, if t07 is 15 seconds, and t09 is 5 seconds, then the burner will wait 10 seconds for the pellets to burn and 5 seconds will load pellets and then it will repeat.

The manufactor sent me a new one and now it is quiet. Me again udo spune, yes I tried olive cores. The problem is when hot water is consumed, the temperature will drop very quickly and the burner will not raise up the temperature fast enough. Thanks again ferrolii your assistance, it is very much appreciated. This means you have less power. Try to lower the power of the burner.

My chimney is about 7m tall and it sucks smoke just right, but still, part of the smoke goes back. Also, if the water from boiler gets cold too fast, you need a bigger boiler. It spend kg pellets a day. We were using Enerles pellets, which were really great and no problems.

I have no experience with modulating the power. The burner was getting blocked all the time because the initial quantity of pellets before ignition was too big. Do you use the burner ferropi for hot water and no heating? The increased flow of pellets on start up is ok if pp7 have good quality pellets, and it seems you have. When we had our wood burning boiler it was murder when the wind was blowing, the garage was forever filled with smoke and the Vedetta has cured this problem, and now with the new Ferroli the house is toasty warm.

Yes this happened to me this year. Thank you very much for this article! I always buy premium pellets. TOP Related Posts.


Ferroli boiler error codes

Datum: Autor: Zdeno Nemo Datum: Aky je rozdiel medzi modulaciou 1 a 2? Autor: juraj kaizer Datum: Vie mi niekto poradit, ako sa robi reset na ovladani horaku ferroli fun p7? V manuali som to nenasiel, ani google mi moc nepomohol, dakujem. Prvy problem je, ze velmi sporadicky, raz za 1 az 3 tyzdne dochadza k nezmyselnemu zablokovaniu horaka, plamen hori rovnomerne, peletky "cinkaju" a z nicoho nic zhasne ventilator aj snek a na displeji sa rozsvieti A01, po resete funguje horak zase 1 az 3 tyzdne bezchybne.


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