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TS: Microsoft. NET Framework 3. Usually I fly right through these exams with plenty of time to spare, which I carefully use to review all my answers. But, I found this exam a lot more difficult.

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TS: Microsoft. NET Framework 3. Usually I fly right through these exams with plenty of time to spare, which I carefully use to review all my answers. But, I found this exam a lot more difficult. I spent the last several months learning WPF. I did all the labs and I repeatedly did all the sample problems in the simulated exam. NET 3. I wrote plenty of test programs. I made sure never to drag-and-drop components in Visual Studio.

I felt mostly ready; so, I scheduled the exam. Usually, these exams start out with a 15 minute tutorial exam to make sure that you are comfortable with the exam interface. It walks you through the different types of questions: multiple choice, drag-and-drop, select among the set, etc.

The tutorial helps me get in the grove before the real test. It gets my brain active. It also helps to alleviate any last-minute nervousness. Most importantly, it gives me a chance to make sure the testing equipment is working. Once during a tutorial exam, I noticed that the monitor had a scratch in the middle and it made reading text difficult. The tutorial exam gave me a chance to swap monitors. Anyway, this exam did not start out with a tutorial. I read the instructions and then I hit accept on the nondisclosure agreement and suddenly the clock was ticking.

That startled me for a moment. I looked at the clock and the question count; I had to complete 55 questions in 2 hours and 15 minutes. That means I had to average 2 minutes and 45 seconds per questions. To make things more interesting, the instructions said that 5 questions were not going to contribute to my score.

I should also point out that you get to select the language for the exam: either C my selection or VB. Most of the test is XAML and concept questions.

A surprisingly few questions actually contain C code. Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed by the length of each question. These questions are much longer than sample test problems that came with the self-study guide. That was expected, but it was painful nonetheless. Then I hit question All of the choices are in VB. I was like WTF?!! I was certain I hit the C option. I assume I hope that this was one of the 5 experimental questions.

I marked it, I chose a random answer and I moved on, planning to review it later if there was time. As I continued, C questions started to show up confirming that I made the right language selection before starting. How could a real exam contain this kind of blunder? I was really surprised by a lot of the questions. A few were as easy as the simulated test, but most asked details that I thought would never show up on the real exam such as annotating documents, spline transforms, 3D graphics, etc.

Sometimes the test answers varied by only slight differences in syntax. To me, those kinds of questions are really unfair. They did the same with some XAML element attributes. Nonetheless, I felt that I answered at least 3 out of every 4 questions with confidence.

Meaning, I probably passed. I got through all questions with about 45 minutes left on the clock. Then I started to review my marked answers, including the VB. NET question I took a shot at it. After that I started to review all the questions over again. The review phase is critical. Sometimes things standout differently when you see a question for the second time. During the review, I did switch a few answers. I exited the test room and complained to the guys there that my test ended early.

They restarted my box and the test continued where I left off. For the next 10 minutes, I continued to review and I changed an answer or 2. I called in the technician again. Over the next hour, he moved me from machine to machine, deleted temporary files, got on the helpline with Prometric, etc.

Nothing could be done. My last 5 minutes were lost to a computer glitch. I felt really cheated and I let them know it. If I was tittering on the threshold of passing or failing, 5 extra minutes of review could have really helped. Perhaps I could have changed the answer on the 2 or 3 critical questions that could have pushed me into the passing zone.

I called Prometric and they told me that if I failed, I can retake it for free due to the glitch. Edited by zero.


Microsoft MCTS 70-502

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TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Presentation Foundation



Microsoft 70-502 Exam Dumps


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