Information Retrieval Table of contents Introduction. Relations in Sherical Triangles. EW Applications of Spherical Trigonometry. Antennas - Antenna Parameters and Definitions. Types of Antennas.

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This compilation of tutorial articles from JED provides introductory level electronic warfare instruction for students of the discipline. Customer Book Reviews Excellent and very useful! A Customer on Apr 16, This book is an excellent reference for those profesionals or specialists who are involved in the Electronic Warfare EW world.

As it can be demonstrated thru the history of the EW, it has played an important role in the military actions related with the use of the electromagnetic spectrum communications, radar, Infrared, laser and more. I strongly recommend it. The level of treatment is semiquantitative. The basic methods in areas like jamming, decoys and simulations are expounded.

Readers with an undergraduate background in engineering or science should be able to follow the text. People already in the Electronic Warfare field will find the discussion pretty elementary. But Adamy is writing for those outside the field. The merit of this book is that it gives you familiarity with the key topics and ideas in EW. Enough to qualitatively follow a technical discussion.

Or even perhaps, as the author suggests, for managers of EW engineers, who need to brush up on what their chaps are doing. Adamy also usefully supplies references to more detailed texts and journals. There is a surprising amount of material out there that is declassified. Perfect for first course in EW By J. Crisler on Jan 21, This book is the perfect introduction. The book starts from the beginning and works from a novice perspective to more complex subjects. This text is perfect to develop an understanding of Electronic Warfare.

I have used this text to give me the fundamentals that are missing in some of the other texts. I would highly recommend this book. I had to know what was so great about this book - its utility is in the clarity of instruction.

Equations about link budgets, descriptions about EW, and the diagrams showing uses make this book worth the cost. If your book budget allows, EW is a great addition as well. Any textbook that when giving a formula makes sure to tells you the units used for the different variables and how you may get them wrong gets a gold star in my book.

The book overlooks electronic communication and radar on a systematic level. It discusses the sets involved in the different types of antennas and receivers. From there it discusses how to analyze a signal from distance and angle of the transmitter to its frequency , how to catch difficult to receive communication Low Probilitiy of Intersect signals , jamming, and other things both useful for EW and wireless communications.

It then ends on a fairly long discussion on how one simulates signals and processing for testing purposes. The last chapter in fact answers my big question reading this book. I assume that group is very small. It also explains the level of foreknowledge required. A great read By Scott H. From the basics to advanced usage, this book introduces the reader to the world of EW and sets the stage for EW Excellent By Emilio E. Segura on Feb 06, The author has the ability to turn complex issues into simple concepts.

So I say that I had a gr8 deal Thank you amazon. It provided a high school level presentation of EW concepts. Arrived quickly By Tamara L. Winslow on Dec 30, Husband loves this book, condition and price were great. Arrived quickly. I liked it. The book provided the analytic formulas to perform gain calculations without being overdependent on the mathematics to understand the basics.

Decently easy read, great material By Jon K on Aug 19, I really enjoyed this book and found it incredibly useful in my job, which does not require an in depth knowledge of EW.

My background is a BS in mechanical engineer and graduated a little over a year ago. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has to work with EW or even just radar. Although the book it steered towards EW, many radar concepts are explained.

Very informative book By James on Jul 18, This book is very easy to read and understand by not getting into all the same details. Suitable for those who wants an overview of EW but not going too deep into the topic. Adamy Editor. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. It was published by Artech House and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


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