I have never been a huge fan of graphic novels, or sports related stories in general. It was lying around my house for a while before I finally picked it up and started reading What a fantastic series this turned out to be. I was fully immersed in the lives of those characters that I was surprised to get to the last page. The first book portrays the lives of Lester, a young boy who has just lost his mother to cancer, and his Uncle Ken.

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Happy Canada Day! Been a very BUSY week, but they all are. I talked to Keith Giffen on one of our monthly story calls. Sound fun? Well, it actually is. I was at my most impressionable age as a comics reader between and , when I was years-old. I was also a DC Comics super nerd then and Keith was my god. So, getting to work with him on this book, and interact with him as a creative partner, is surreal and amazing.

Even if he is just a grumpy old bastard and not the least bit legend-y. Keith is co-plotting and doing the art, and I am scripting it. These back-ups are connected to the main story and will all come together I hope!! So buy it. It is available for pre-order from your local comic book store now, so ask for it or no one will order it! Here is my variant cover for Issue 1. Both its raw inks, and the colored version, with colers by Jose Villarrubia Before I move on from DC So keep an eye on comics news on July 8.

Oh, and one more. You know what to do! Phil and I announced the book a looong time ago But the book is back on track and we are launching it in November.

And here it is for the very first time anywhere Pretty cool, eh? Other stuff Ascender continues to do well out in the world. Issue 3 came out this past week, and Dustin and I are looking forward to meeting up at San Deigo Comicon in a couple weeks to sign and do panels etc.

Here are the covers. I love it. Very iconic. And it has a cover by my Gideon Falls partner, Andrea Sorrentino. Also a heads up! There will be some big new Black Hammer announcements on Friday July 18!


Essex County, Vol. 1: Tales from the Farm

Date of issue: 29 August Description of the book "The Complete Essex County": Where does a young boy turn when his whole world suddenly disappears? What turns two brothers from an unstoppable team into a pair of bitterly estranged loners? How does the simple-hearted care of one middle-aged nurse reveal the scars of an entire community, and can anything heal the wounds caused by a century of deception? Award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire pays tribute to his roots with "Essex County", an award-winning trilogy of graphic novels set in an imaginary version of his hometown, the eccentric farming community of Essex County, Ontario, Canada.


Jeff Lemire

Happy Canada Day! Been a very BUSY week, but they all are. I talked to Keith Giffen on one of our monthly story calls. Sound fun? Well, it actually is.


Essex County



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