Artemisa, Cuba. Es tratada con dos dosis de metotrexate y conducta expectante. The patient is a year-old woman who was treated for secondary infertility, she attended the consultation for amenorrhea of 7 weeks, with positive test for HGC in urine. The ultrasound showed an image compatible with a gestational sac in the right cornual region without cardiac activity.

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Bucaramanga, Colombia. Case report: 34 year-old patient with a recurrent cornual ectopic pregnancy who underwent successful laparoscopic management. Results: The initial search yielded articles of which were selected and then 74 who were related to the subject to review, finally 38 full text articles were selected. Conclusion: Cornual or interstitial ectopic pregnancy has the same risk factors that tubal pregnancy. Como antecedentes de importancia presenta: 1. Factores de riesgo.

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Embarazo ectópico cornual recurrente: caso clínico y revisión de la



Embarazo ectopico cornual


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