What do you mean by connection based scheme? List the groups made by random access methods for mobile data services. Define BTMA. List the access methods for wireless LANS. Mention the problem in integrated services. Define wire line voice quality.

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Devasena A. Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. Code division multiple access Session 1. Comparison of cdma ,tdma and fdma Session 1. Random access for data oriented networks Session 1. Hand off Session 1. Channel assignment schemes Session 1. Roaming support Session 1. The network makes the handoff decision based on reports from the MS.

Then it resumes the conversation on the old BS. The switch bridges the new path with the old path and informs the MS to transfer from the old channel to the new channel. Prepred by A. That is, if no channel is available, the handoff is blocked and the call is held on the current channel in the old cell until the call is completed or when the failing link is no longer available. MSC A checks if the MS has made too many handoffs recently this is to avoid, for example, numerous handoffs between BS1 and BS2 a where the MS is moving within the overlapped area or if intersystem trunks are not available.

If so, MSC A exits the procedure. The MS synchronizes to BS2. Location tracking is required when the network attempts to deliver a call to the mobile user. EC Wireless Networks E. Authentication Usually none! Ans: Prepred by A. List the groups made by random access methods for mobile data services? CSMA-based wireless random access technique. So it is combined with TDMA system.

Define BTMA. The packet length is large in LANs. So, great care is needed in packet collisions. EC Wireless Networks 8. What is non-persistent mechanism? Ans: After sensing the channel, the terminal starts another sensing after sometime.

It is known as non-persistent sensing mechanism. What is persistent mechanism? Ans: If the terminal sense the channel until the channel becomes free, this is known as persistent mechanism. Define wireless voice quality. Thus QOS is known as wire line quality. Then the station transmits its packet. After receiving acknowledgement signal, the channel is free. Mention the problem in integrated services.

Ans: Multi user access is the main problem in the integrated system which includes voice and data. Transmission resources are wasted if there is no voice transmission. These resources are used for data services which does not require severe delay. Capture effect problems. Ans: In ratio channels, collision of two packets may not destroy both packets. Due to fading, packets from different transmitting stations can arrive with different transmitting power values. The strongest packet will be transmitted.

EC Wireless Networks The received power from terminal 1 is higher compared with received power from terminal 2. If two packets are collided, then the packet with weak signal is appeared as a back ground noise. Access point captures from the packet terminal 1. What is LBT? What do you mean by Handoff? Ans: Handoff basically involves change of radio resources from one cell to another adjacent cell.

From a handoff perspective it is important that, a free channel is available in a new cell whenever handoff occurs, so that undisrupted service is available.

List the parameters that influence the Handoff. On what parameters Handoff depends on? Ans: Handoff depends on cell size, boundary length, signal strength, fading, reflection and refraction of signals, man-made noise. List the units components that involved in setting up a call. Give the classifications of Handoff. How the hard Handoff is characterized?

What does Authentication of a subscriber implies? Ans: Authentication of a subscriber basically implies making sure that, the user is genuine. List the services of security it can be classified. List the categories of security mechanisms. EC Wireless Networks List the categories of attacks. Define Secure system. Ans: Secure system can be defined as one where as intruder has to spend an unacceptable amount of time and effort in interpreting the system.


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Name five design consideration in selecting a modulation scheme for a wireless networks. Why is out of band of radiation an important issue in designing modulation scheme? Name four space diversity techniques. What are the advantages of high efficiency voice band modems? Draw the structure of DFE. Define ACI. What are the types of diversity?



Kajigrel What type of coding separates these channels from one another? The packet length is large in LANs. List the advantages of wireless sensor network. Wiireless are the different sceneries of connection of Bluetooth? List the Bluetooth applications. MANET can be defined as an autonomous system of nodes or MSs also serving as routers connected by wireless links, the union of which forms a communication network modeled in the form of an arbitrary communication graph. Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai.


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Devasena A. Determine the transfer time of a 20 kB file with a mobile data network with the transmission rate of 10 Kbps. Prepared by A. Devasena Asso. Esther GandhiMathi Asso. Compute the maximum throughput of a pure ALOHA networking with a large number of users and transmission rate of 1 Mbps?

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