Select a font style and press. Type the text for the first line and press. Select Second Line and press. A multi-line symbol is inserted at the end of the first line, but will not print on the label. Type the text for the second line.

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Y ou can choose to print your labels in many differen t sizes and styles. L T cassettes are available in multiple colors of plasti[ T o inser t the batteri es 1. Remove the battery compar tment cover. Se e Figure 2. Replace the cov e r. Remove the batteries if the la belmaker will not be used for a long pe riod of[ Otherwise, your most re cent memor y settings will be lost.

Inserting the Label Cassette Y our labelmaker comes with one la bel cassette. Vi sit www. By default , the language is set to English. The language opt ion you choo se determin es the character set and date for mat t hat are avail able.

T o selec t a language 1. Use the up or down arrow k e ys to select L anguage[ Use the le ft or right arr ow key to mo ve the cursor over each setting month, day , and year and use the up or down arrow keys to increase or decr ease the value.

When finished, pr ess. The default time is display ed. Use the le ft or right arr ow key to mo ve the cursor over each setting hours and min[ Refer to Figure 1 on the inside front cover. T he following sections describe each featur e in detail. Pow er The button turns th e power on an d off. After two minutes of no activity , the power is swit ched off automatica[ T he default setting is CAPS mode on. When CAPS mode is off, all letters ap pear in lower case.

Num Lock The key provides access to the numbers located on [ Fo rm at The k ey displays the font size, style, and bor ders submenus. These formatting featur es are described lat er in this User Guide. Insert The key allows you to insert symbols, a second line, or the da te on your label.

Set ti ngs The key [ When you select a size, that size ap plies to all char ac ters on a label. T o set the font size 1. Pr ess the key. Use the up or down arro w keys to select Size an d press. Use the up or down arro w keys to se[ Use the up or down arrow k e ys to select Style and pr ess. Use the up or down arrow k eys to select a font style and press.

Creating T wo-Line Labels Y ou can print a maximum of two lines on labels. T o create a two-lin e label 1. T ype the text for the first line and press. Use the arrow keys to se[ A label can be under lined or enclos ed in a box, but not both together. T o add an underline or b ox style 1. Selec t Borders , and press.

Select underline or a bo x style and press. On two-line labels, both lines ar e underline[


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