Sikhism teaches that all suffering stems from the disease of egoism when the divine is forgotten. The verses of hymns of hope and healing are shabads , of Gurbani. Hymns may be read, recited, or sung as prayers to eradicate ego, invoke healing of mind, body and soul, instill comfort with realization of spiritual immortality, and to arrive at acceptance divine of will. Many Sikh hymns are available both written and recorded in Gurmukhi with English translations. Reading may be done by an individual, or performed as a group effort on behalf of another in need of support and healing: Sukhmani Sahib meaning "Peace Lagoon".

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Pain and Pleasure are the two sides of the same coin that act as the primary driving force of all human actions. Everybody wants to avoid suffering and yearns for peace and happiness. While all prayers are good and bring about peace and happiness, Sikhism offers two special prayers that address peace and suffering.

The first one is Sukhmani Sahib which brings about peace and contentment, and the second one is Dukh Bhanjani Sahib which focuses on removing pain and suffering. The verses in each prayer guide the mortal to attempt to understand and live life in tune with the Will of The Immortal, thereby removing all hardship and suffering. This prayer is done in order to alleviate any form of ailments "Dukh" or hardship experienced. Presented in this book is the Translation and Transliteration in English for those who cannot, or are not well versed in the Gurmukhi script.

While every effort has been made to simplify the transliteration, I encourage the reader to read the prayers while listening to them in audio format a couple of times. This will help them grasp the correct pronunciation. There is a link to the prayer in YouTube.

This will help to get the correct pronunciation, or if you wish to just listen to the prayers. After doing prayers regularly, one can look for translation books to assist in helping understand the Bani. Suitable to gift friends and family too. There should be no hindrance on your part towards making the first step to God.


Dukh Bhanjani Sahib Paath in Punjabi Hindi English

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Dukh Bhanjani in English


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