Kigagul O inheritor of the convincing proofs! O Son of the select generous Guardians! You also settle my debts. Translatlon is the one prepared for cutting off the roots of the wrongdoers?

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Goltinris Where is the son of the chosen Prophet? Or which land or soil is carrying you? O Allah, all praise be to You. O son of the ever-best refined ones! Allah shall never fail to fulfill His promise. Flocked together tanslation pass up and deny his connection with his family, and pushed his children out of their way, but a handful of sincere faithfuls kept their promise and dutifully upheld the rights of his children; Some were slain, some were held budba, some were sent to distant foreign lands, and they met face to translatino when came upon their destiny martyrdom.

He gave him in marriage his daughter the doyenne of the women of the worlds. He then entrusted with him his knowledge and his wisdom. It is hard for me that I weep for you but the others disappoint you. Help us to discharge the duties made incumbent upon us by him, and make every effort to obey him, keep from that which is declared unlawful by him, rely upon him to get his approval.

O inheritor of the widely sought after culture and customs! Where is he who shall break up meddlesome trouble and tampering? Good, pleasant and satisfying? Leave Comments Already the period of expectation has lasted too long! O son of perfect knowledge! The son of Khadeejah, the resplendent! Then invested him with awe and majesty, Jibraeel, Meekaaeel, and distinguished Angels stood around; him at his beck and call, gave Thy word to him that Thou would make his religion prevail over all religions, however much the idolaters may be averse.

O son of luminous stars! It is the standing-place of Abraham. O son of signs and manifestations! Set up truth, destroy falsehood, show the right path to Thy friends, humiliate Thy enemies, and do it without interruption, through him. And, through him too, make our sustenance expanded for us. When shall we receive our share from you and have our minds set at rest? Where is the patron of the Conquest Day. O son of widely witnessed demonstrations! Turn towards us Thy kindness and loving aspects, and bring us close to Thee.

Dua e Nudba with urdu Translation I ask of you no fee recompense therefore, save love of my Kinsfolk. So, please convey to him greetings and salutations from us. Where is the on going sequence of desirable goodness? Where is the one granted aid against whomever transgresses and forges lies against him? May Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad His Prophet.

Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. Tags Dua e Nudba with urdu Translation. When will we be able to join your refreshing springs and we will then be satiated? O inheritor of the evident signs! I eagerly long for you who is out of sight, but has not forsaken us. Where is the one effacing tramslation traces of evasiveness and personal desires?

Thereafter acknowledged his atonement and provided good and perfection for his children, allotted for him and his children the first sanctuary appointed for mankind, at Becca Meccaa blessed place, a guidance to the people, wherein are plain and clear signs; the place where Ibraahim stood up to pray, and whosoever enters it is safe.

O Son of the clear and precise arguments who penetrated deep into the domain of mind! To which isolated land did you go? Dua Nudba Urdu Translation — Is there a faint twinkle of evidence to make me willingly take up the trouble? You took another one as Your intimate friend.

If I but knew the destination of your purposeful journey! O inheritor of the made known prophesy! It makes me sad to get favorable reply from anyone other than you, but to be duped and cheated in the end.

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Kazrajinn Dua e Nudba with urdu Translation O son of apparent points of evidence! O son of the ever-best refined ones! And what is the message? Where is he who shall separate senselessness and insolence from the people? Your flesh is part of my flesh.



Akijind Where is the ultimate Divine source of plenty and prosperity? Where is the investigator of the blood of the Martyrs of Karbalaa? Where is the one spared for refreshing nuddba duties and traditions? You made another one to be born without a father.


Share Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. O my Allah! All praise is for Thee for that which Thou decided upon and resolved in the matter of Thy friends, whom Thou purified for Thyself and Thy All praise is for Thee for that which Thou decided upon and resolved in the matter of Thy friends, whom Thou purified for Thyself and Thy religion. When wisdom and high rank from Thee, prostrated themselves in adoration before them from the Bountiful Preserving Lord , for whom neither there was any decreased, nor dispersion thereafter, then Thou stipulated for them piety and righteousness.

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