Es ist der Golem, sagen die Menschen, jenes Kunstwesen aus Lehm, das im Die Begegnung mit dem Golem wurde als Auseinandersetzung mit dem eigenen Ich interpretiert. Der Roman, erschienen , ist das erfolgreichste Werk Gustav Meyrinks. Doch Rosina nimmt die beiden Jungen, insbesondere den taubstummen Jaromir, nicht ernst. Diese ist seit Neuestem an ein Liebespaar vermietet, das sich dort heimlich trifft. Er liest das Buch bis zum Ende, und als er aufblickt, ist der Fremde verschwunden.

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Il Golem (romanzo)

Part dream-like expressionist melodrama, part creepy horror, part eerie evocation of the magical city of Prague and its shadow-haunted ghetto, The Golem occupies a singular niche in fantastika. For the duration of its first publication in serial form from December , the political manoeuvring that led to the Great War was rumbling along in the background of European life. When the final instalment of The Golem was published in August , war had just broken out. Meyrink began writing it in , so The Golem cannot really be read as an allegory for the first world war.


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Plot[ edit ] The novel centers on the life of Athanasius Pernath, a jeweler and art restorer who lives in the ghetto of Prague. The story itself has a disjointed and often elliptical feel, as it was originally published in serial form and is intended to convey the mystical associations and interests that the author himself was exploring at the time. Similarly, it is revealed over the course of the book that Pernath apparently suffered from a mental breakdown on at least one occasion, but has no memory of any such event; he is also unable to remember his childhood and most of his youth, a fact that may or may not be attributable to his previous breakdown. His mental stability is constantly called into question by his friends and neighbors, and the reader is left to wonder what if anything that has taken place in the narrative actually happened. Main characters[ edit ] Athanasius Pernath: the ostensible protagonist, a jeweler who resides in the ghetto of Prague. He is the antithesis of Hillel, embodying all of the then-popular negative stereotypes surrounding Jews.

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