Nov 27, John added it After p. I will, however, waste words of another import. However did Darwin contrive to take up the issue of the origin of species and sustain the altogether indefatigable labor that he expended over decades to establish a plausible and defensible basis for his views of descent and differentiation of all life forms, even while his views, once widely known, evoked nearly universal rejection, scorn, contempt, and the rabid hostility of his contemporaries? Hostility that provokes violent confrontations today - nearly years after Darwin first formulated his theory and years after the first edition of The Origin of Species appeared? From what inner resources did he summon this heroic endurance in view of his character and personality - his urgent need for approval, acceptance, adulation, his apparent conventionality, his horror at the prospect of a loss of respectability, loss of standing as an English gentleman? A torment that left his entire digestive tract in shreds.

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Forum Homeschool Forum Open Forum. His personal life is vividly told including his many chronic illnesses of which I was not fully aware. He was just so thorough. It also lies in its description of the social, political and economical situation in Great Britain during the rhe century, and how it influenced the thinking and the very prudent behavior of Darwin in sleeping on his theory for a couple of decades before publishing it. At times our world feels so dark.

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Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist by Adrian Desmond - PDF free download eBook

About this title "Unquestionably the finest [biography] ever written about Darwin. Darwin has now become, and properly, the quintessentially socially embedded scientist. Desmond and Moore are brilliant in their pursuit of this truly unifying theme. He has written numerous books on evolution and Victorian science.

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