Sign in to create or edit a product review. Fun and Interesting Read Mr. All of the locals were interesting to me, and almost all the places listed had adventure hooks built in. At this point I almost want to come up with a homebrew that chains together some of the ideas listed.

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Shelves: roleplaying This is a nice expansion that works well for the Legacy of Fire adventure path. I think the best part is the description of the city of Katapesh, the inhabitants, and the interesting places in the city. Many of these can lead to further adventure, or just short side-treks. I also liked the chapter on the different organizations, including religious orders, and the expanded adventure ideas. Although most of the adventures take placer outside the city, the book can still be useful because there is This is a nice expansion that works well for the Legacy of Fire adventure path.

Although most of the adventures take placer outside the city, the book can still be useful because there is a summary description of some locations outside the city. I found three weaknesses in the book. There are some typos, but it does not diminish the quality of the content. The second weakness, in my opinion, is the Balanced Scale of Abadar prestige class. It is good for a NPC or for a specific adventure where that class can shine, but its abilities are very specific and I do not think it would provide much interest to a player.

Likewise, the part about pesh magic, though interesting, does not seem very appealing to a player. Many of the proposed spells duplicate other spell effects and considering that you need pesh to do pesh magic, it would be costly fior a character to specilaize in pesh magic. I would however use it for a NPC and it would m,ost likely provide a good sidequest for the group to get rid of the addcition to Pesh.

A victim of pesh magic will most likely become addicted to the drug. The bestiray is alright. The intesrest of the new creatures is more to add floavor than to provide a big challenge, though of course, if used to their maximum or used for a low-level group, the Aluum and Ghul might be deadly adversaries. To recap, I really liked the book and I plan on using it in my campaign.


Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh

The Pactmasters that rule Katapesh arrived out of nowhere, in AR , took over the city of Katapesh and established a powerful nation with economic ties throughout the kingdoms of the Inner Sea. To the north the Brazen Peaks mountains block the way to Osirion. Foothills and mountain passes offer passage to the northern country but because of the ferocious gnolls of the Brazen Peaks , most travelers prefer to reach Osirion by ship. South of the mountains, warm green savannas stretch for miles. Only tall trees offer moderate shade.


Pathfinder Chronicles: Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh

They settled in the valley in AR and named it the Golden City. In AR , a band of raiders of all races attacked and overthrew and took over the Golden City. In the Year of Scouring Winds AR , a sandstorm lasting 33 days destroyed almost all plant life in the valley, killed hundreds, and nearly buried the Golden City. One hundred years later, a mysterious woman named Nimhar walked out of the desert and began to clear the ruins of the town. People flocked to the new city during the so called Oasis Age, and people lived in peace for hundreds of years. The settlements flourished, but in AR an alchemist named Atopu discovered the production of a narcotic substance he called pesh.

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