Alejandro Uncategorized El error 7h es fallo por caudal, o bien tienes alguna valvula cerrada o. El acs no debe tener mas bombas, la misma que trae la altherma vale. Here is my question: when the error 7h was displaying and I. A2: error de interrrbloqueo para el ventilador. Detectar errores , corregir fallos, eliminar mensajes. Buenas, he instalado en mi casa suelo radiante daikin altherma ya.

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Error codes can show on either the inside unit or the outside unit. Since these are split systems, we have broken down the error codes for each unit — outside and inside. These error codes will tell you what the issue is with your Daikin AC. Knowing the error code will assist you in finding the problem with your air conditioner and you can then fix it yourself. Error Code Search offers information on the cause of the malfunction and the status of your air conditioner by entering the error code.

Defective drain pump. Defective float switch or short circuit connector. Low water temperature setting. Defective water temperature thermistor. Defective indoor unit PCB. Defective fan motor. Defective connection cable. Defective airflow direction adjusting flap-cam. Defective connection on signal line. Defective wiring. Defective relay cables. Defective drain piping. Stained insulator part. Defect of high voltage power supply unit. Defect of indoor unit PCB. Defective connector contact.

Defective connection of capacity setting adaptor field setting error. Defective remote controller PCB. Please leave your question below and we will can answer your questions to help you get your AC working again.


Codes pannes climatisation et pompes à chaleur

I had replace a PCB on the outdoor unit with the same setting which were on the old one visual. Can someone tell me how to solve that problem. Thanks in advance. What is the outdoor unit type?. Hopefully this helps.


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