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Related info Amidst the business challenges of agile competition, innovation and collaboration, organisations are changing — many are moving away from static hierarchies toward flatter more flexible structures to free up their people to meet customer need.

Success relies on collaborative leadership practices that move beyond command and control to a collective, distributed, shared approach to delivering results. At Roffey Park we understand that this is no easy task for leaders who face increasing pressure simply to get the job done on a day-to-day basis.

So how do they adapt their leadership practice to suit new organisational forms? Clear Leadership can help. Course Overview Clear Leadership is a collaborative leadership programme which is based on the globally renowned work of Dr Gervase Bushe , providing a powerful set of skills that empowers leaders to think and behave collaboratively. Key features of the programme: Highly experiential The programme combines research-based theory with highly interactive activities and skills practise which means participants leave the programme being able to think and behave differently.

Modular design The programme is split into two, two-day modules enabling participants to consolidate their understanding and practise the ideas and methods during the time between modules. Participants are given reading before the programme which enables them to understand the underlying theory so that time together is spent working on real work issues and practising skills.

Highly relevant Without collaborative leadership, organisations will experience difficulties in almost every area — silos, low staff engagement, high levels of stress and fragmented implementation of change. Clear Leadership develops a powerful set of skills that enables participants to think and behave differently in the face of these challenges. Is this programme for me? Clear Leadership is aimed at middle to senior managers who want to develop their collaborative leadership practice and unlock the potential of collective success.

Listen and empower others Know how to listen and understand different perspectives, needs and feelings of others so you can make informed decisions and build collective action. Delivery Team.


Clear Leadership: a collaborative approach to leadership




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