Their mother is trying to balance her job and her family after her husband, John Bailey, was killed in a car accident. Conner barges in to stop Alex from going in the book, but Alex loses her balance because she was shocked and falls into the book. Conner jumps in as well to go after Alex. They find out the book is a portal to the fairy-tale world. There, they meet Froggy, a man turned into a frog.

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Their mother is trying to balance her job and her family after her husband, John Bailey, was killed in a car accident. Conner barges in to stop Alex from going in the book, but Alex loses her balance because she was shocked and falls into the book.

Conner jumps in as well to go after Alex. They find out the book is a portal to the fairy-tale world. There, they meet Froggy, a man turned into a frog. Froggy gives them a journal that tells of the Wishing Spell, a spell that can grant whatever wish the person wants if the person has eight items. In order to get back to their world, Alex and Conner must find the things of the Wishing Spell.

But bad news quickly follows. The Evil Queen gets this message from her magic mirror as well, so there begins a desperate race to get the Wishing Spell. While they are getting the ingredients for the Wishing spell, Alex and Conner come across many tales that their father had once told them. After a while, they have to face the conclusion that their father came from the Fairytale World.

Finally, when Alex and Conner get all the items for the Wishing Spell, the Evil Queen kidnaps them and the items, and goes to her hiding place, in the north of the Sleeping Kingdom. There, Conner tries to prevent the Evil Queen from using the Wishing Spell by smashing the container of fairy tears, one of the items needed in the Wishing Spell.

The Evil Queen tells them the story of where she came from. When the Evil Queen was little, she was named Evely, and she was a very kind and caring girl. She met Mira, and she fell in love with him, but the Enchantress captured her and stopped her from meeting Mira. Evely tried to send secret messages to Mira, but the Enchantress found out and imprisoned Mira in a mirror. By then, Alex is crying. Mira is freed from the magic mirror, but just then the rescue team, led by Froggy, arrived.

In the fighting that follows, the Huntsman and his daughter are killed, and Alex and Conner are rescued. Froggy is found to be the long-lost Prince Charlie from the Charming Kingdom, and Alex and Conner learn that their grandmother is the Fairy Godmother, who is capable of making portals between the Otherworld and the fairy-tale world, and the journal is written by the man who had successfully completed the Wishing Spell years before was written by their father: therefore, Alex and Conner are a part fairy.

The Enchantress Returns[ edit ] The Enchantress Returns is the second book in the series and was published on August 6, He also found a romantic note to their mother from a surgeon she worked with named Dr. Bob, who brought them a puppy. When Charlotte comes home, Alex and Conner ask if Charlotte really has a boyfriend.

Later on, Bob goes to see the twins and tells them about his plan to propose to their mother. He shows them the ring, which has two large diamonds on it, one pink and one blue to represent the twins. When Bob asks the twins for permission about the proposal, Conner and Alex decide that this would make both Bob and their mom happy, so they agree. All three then decided to surprise Charlotte with a special dinner at the Bailey house the next Thursday at six. They then hear a mysterious knock at the door and a bunch of fairy tale soldiers from the Charming Kingdom barge in.

Bob was originally doubtful but he later accepts that the Fairy Tale world exists. Later, Alex gives Mother Goose bubbly until she becomes drunk, and Alex asks her for information, which she unknowingly gives. Alex discovers that her mother was captured by Ezmia, "the Enchantress", who cursed Sleeping Beauty as a young baby, and that the Sleeping Kingdom was in ruin. The next day, she almost falls off of a bridge. Unexpectedly, Conner saves her and admits that he had followed her.

Alex knows that this is a portal to the other world. They eventually find Froggy, who is once again in frog form as a disguise, after being turned back into a human at the end of the first book. All three travel to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, where the Enchantress seemed to be destroying symbolic historic sights.

Alex and Conner then attend a meeting only for the kings and queens by persuading Red to wear a dress that they could hide under. To create it, one must find the six most valuable things of the six most hated people in the world.

To help find all the items, Red asks the villagers to all pitch in to make a flying ship out of all her baskets. After landing in the Troll and Goblin territory, they discover that Trollbella is now queen and that Bob traveled to the Land of Stories as well. Alex tries to defeat the Enchantress by subtly stealing her pride, but she is blasted off of the coliseum. Because she was holding the Wand of Wonderment, she is saved from death.

However, when she reaches the ground, she faints. Alex wakes up and goes back up the coliseum using a flying horse which is actually Bob. When she arrives, she drops the Wand in front of The Enchantress. The Enchantress tries to kill Alex with the Wand after Alex stripped her of her powers until Ezmia got hold of the Wand of Wonderment but Rumpelstiltskin jumps in front of the blast to save Alex out of guilt for what he has tried to do for Ezmia.

When it is time to leave, Alex claims that she is meant to stay in the Land of Stories and that Conner should share their stories in the real world. The twins then believe that they were to be separated forever after the fairies decided to seal all portals leading to and from The Land of Stories.

At the beginning of the third book, Alex is in her coronation as Fairy Godmother. Meanwhile, Conner is at school in the real world and is questioned about where his sister is. Conner goes on a school trip to Germany to hear never before heard stories by the Brothers Grimm that was recently found in a time capsule. The good news for Conner is that the girl he has a crush on, Bree Campbell, is attending.

The bad news is that four girls called the Book Huggers are also going. As for Alex, she keeps messing up casting her spells. She eventually meets a farm boy named Rook Robins, whom she starts falling for. She becomes very torn later in the story because her grandmother is dying and she feels like she is killing her. The fairy godmother is dying because she finally finds a replacement; now the Fairy Godmother can rest knowing the fairy tale world rests in good hands. Conner finds out that one of the stories is actually a secret message and a warning for the Land of Stories.

He sets out across Germany to crack a year code. With the help of Bree and the directions of Mother Goose, Conner eventually meets Emmerich Himmelsbach, a little boy from a small village. Alex and Conner realize an army from their world, the world of regular people, is coming to the Fairy Tale world. The army is led by the Masked Man, whom they presume is their father. Alex is really hurt with Rook, figuring out he was the person who leaked out information and dumps him.

Rook tries to regain her trust by helping her in the next stories. Alex feels sad about dumping him but knows she has done the right thing.

Beyond the Kingdoms[ edit ] Beyond the Kingdoms is the fourth installment in the series and was published on July 7, Alex is going through mood swings, in which her hair would float above her head and her eyes would glow.

She has a hard time controlling her emotions which cause her to attack many people, including her family and friends. Alex loses her temper and her control of her magic and shoots at the fairy council with lightning before vanishing.

Froggy chose to leave with her, as Morina is a very powerful entity. Meanwhile, Conner gets beaten up by the Masked Man in the library as he attempts to steal books.

Conner ripped off his mask, so everyone else can be convinced that he is their father. Apparently, what Lloyd attempted to steal was a Portal Potion, which could transport anyone into any book created. The ingredients to the potion contain a branch from the oldest tree in the woods, a feather from the finest pheasant in the sky, a liquefied lock and key that belonged to a true love, two weeks of moonlight and a spark of magic. Alex then confronted that the Masked Man was their uncle and not their father.

The group then have to travel into the literature stories and attempt to stop their uncle before he recruits an army of literary villains. After they escape and meet up in the land of Oz, they realize Lloyd has sent armies to destroy the kingdoms and that they need to go home for supplies.

Conner went with his mother, Charlotte Bailey, in one of those adventures. The Snow Queen and the Sea Witch planned to give a handful of dust made from a magic mirror created by demons to Alex whereas only one piece of the dust turned the Enchantress into what she became.

It was a curse which was believed by the witches-unbreakable. Worlds Collide[ edit ] The sixth and final book in the series, titled Worlds Collide, was released on July 11, All of the Land of Stories fairy tale characters—heroes and villains—are no longer confined within their world. With mayhem brewing in the Big Apple, Conner and Alex will have to win their biggest battle yet. There are a few mishaps at the airport, such as Red buying a mirror at a gift shop, but they get on the plane safely.

When they arrive, the Book Huggers, sitting in a restaurant, see Conner and tell their parents. While there, they hear from other homeless people and realize a portal between the worlds is going to open up in the library.

While sleeping, Conner gets a message from Alex saying that she wants him to kill her so she can "return to magic" and break free from the curse. The Book Huggers rescue Conner and the gang. Meanwhile, Alex is causing more chaos against her will. Alex is not affected by the curse in the story, and they see their father.

Alex then gets emotional to the point the curse disintegrates and they leave just in time before the story ended. They then repair New York and a week later, met the president. They explain to her to safeguard the Land of Stories book to ensure a catastrophe never happens again like that of the Literary Army. The series ends with 65 years later where Conner, now 80, is going to be relocated to a retirement home because his children believe he is crazy. He then exits to the Fairy Tale world.

The series ends with Charlie hearing a sound and going to the attic and seeing the Land of Stories book shine. After all that has happened, Alex and Conner meet back together, safe and sound.


[PDF] The Wishing Spell Book by Chris Colfer Free Download (438 pages)

Light was scarce and flickered from the torches bolted to the stone walls. Foul-smelling water dripped inside from the moat circling the palace above. Large rats chased each other across the floor searching for food. This was no place for a queen. It was just past midnight, and all was quiet except for the occasional rustle of a chain. Through the heavy silence a single set of footsteps echoed throughout the halls as someone climbed down the spiral steps into the dungeon. A young woman emerged down the steps dressed head-to-toe in a long emerald cloak.


The Wishing Spell



The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell : Book 1




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