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Even a responsible White House would have had difficulty coordinating all of these organizations. Thank you, civil society. You are amazing. The answer is zero, according to data I have collected from Department of Justice records and other sources. Twenty-four Muslim-Americans were arrested for alleged involvement with violent extremism in , higher than the previous year but lower than the peak years of Previous versions of this annual report are available here.

The Department of Justice prosecuted the case as illegal use of weapons of mass destruction. At conferences, they attend separate panels and huddle in separate clusters for informal conversation. In the years that followed, the professional communities responsible for responding to these threats, and informing the public about them, have followed two very different paths.

In the fight against deadly diseases, public health experts have sought to balance the need for preparedness with their duty to avoid hyperbole, which can lead to panic. National security experts should adopt this same ethos. In surveys covering countries, women in societies rated gender-unequal according to global metrics such as education, health, labor-force participation, and political representation did not consistently assess their lives as less in their control or less satisfying than men did.

Women in these societies were as likely as women in index-equal societies to say they had equal rights with men. Their attitudes toward gender issues did not reflect the same latent construct as in index-equal societies, although attitudes may have begun to converge in recent years.

Country-level replication data. As the field confronts political pressures and barriers to scholarly travel, the way forward may involve collaborations that extend training opportunities and comparative research across national and regional borders. The United States government now recognizes the existence of state terrorism. The official position of the Department of Justice—according to a legal brief filed in February—is that association with a terrorism charge is so stigmatizing that defendants should not be publicly identified.

This is puzzling, since the department itself periodically releases a list of Muslim Americans convicted in terrorism-related cases, as well as hundreds of press releases naming Muslim American terrorism defendants. Yet the department has never released a list of domestic terrorism-related cases, and its press releases named only one-quarter of defendants involved in right-wing violent extremism.

Syria, like most nations, is a modern invention. It was created in by the Syrian National Congress, who established a constitutional monarchy. The French invaded in and split the country into two, with the southern half under British rule. Syrian national assembly and declaration of independence, Hathi Trust. Sykes-Picot Agreement, Wikipedia. French conquest of Syria, map of French mandate. There were no incidents or arrests in involving Muslim extremists who entered the United States illegally.

These findings contradict the alarms about terrorism sounded by the Trump administration. In a survey conducted for this report, terrorism experts attribute the decline in Muslim-American involvement with violent extremism to the loss of territory by the Islamic State, the reduction in online recruitment, and the already small scale of Muslim-American extremism.

More… Examine the data for yourself here. New York: Oxford University Press, Released December 7,


Liberal Islam

If the first charge is that liberal Islam is inauthentic, and therefore somehow wrong, the second charge argues that liberal Islam should not be tolerated whether or not it is wrong. Publisher Synopsis Kurzman does an examplary job of selection-the excerpts are both interesting and important-and of kurzzman writings from across the Muslim world. One of the crucial characteristics of this renewed interest in authenticity is the idea that one can take a culture and draw a box around it; that a culture can be defined as a discrete entity, separate from other cultures, with well-defined boundaries. You are commenting using your WordPress. Ty rated it really liked it Sep 11, Want to Read saving…. An interpretation of a text is essentially pluralistic. Selected pages Title Page.

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In each case, the argument is that both Muslims and religious piety itself would benefit from reforms and a more open society. It is quite possible that these tendencies will grow more important in the future, perhaps even coming to be the dominant orientation in the years to come. Such a trend could happen because of local factors, modernization and development in Islamic societies, and reasons similar to those that brought about such an evolution in the West. The Tropes of Liberal Islam Liberalism in the Islamic world and liberalism in the West may share common elements, but they are not exactly the same thing. They may both support multi-religious co-existence, for example, but go about it in different ways.


Charles Kurzman




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