Register your product and extend the warranty period from 12 to 24 months CEBORA provides a warranty for its power sources including cooling units, autotransformers, separate wire feed units , its plasma cutting torches and Push-Pull MIG torches only. CEBORA welding and cutting power sources are accurately tested during the entire production process in accordance with ISO standards, and every single installed machine is submitted to strict tests electrical safety, functional testing, grounding before packaging. The warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice to the end user. The original invoice is the proof of the purchase date. If the product is registered in the Cebora website within 15 days from the purchase date, the warranty period is extended to 24 months. The warranty period for plasma cutting torches and push-pull welding torches is, on the contrary, of 3 months from the purchasing date and cannot be extended by registration.

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There have been a few questions regarding this subject lately. The Process is quite strait forward. Fit the Euro torch connector you will need to remove the old torch. Mark out the position of the connector and screw holes. The wire feed neck should be in line with the current wire feed.

Cut out hole. You will need to remove the cover that holds the wire liner. DO NOT fit connector yet and the electrics need to be added first. Fit the gas solenoid mount the gas solenoid in a suitable place. Mine is in the wire bay on the bottom of the unit. I added a gas purge switched and cut the wires and reconnected with chocolate block.

Add the trigger and main current wires Solder or crimp the supplied ring connector to the thick current feed wire. The two small wires on the euro connector are the switch feeds. I added a suitably sized fork connector with the legs splayed a bit. The other wire comnects to the pcb in the same place as the loose wire for the trigger in the old torch. The main conductor and switch wire should be added the the stem of the euro connector with the supplied nuts and these adjusted to suit the way you are mounting the connector.

Final fitting and testing Fit the connector to the housing and the wire feed tube should be clamped down with the old plastic clamp that has been modified earlier. Fit the torch to the connector and power on. The wire feed motor should also turn. If you gas os connected then you should hear this coming out of the torch. Assuming all is well run the wire up the torch and start welding. Here is the modified wiring diagram for the Mod : Connector neck with wiring attached: Trigger wire on the PCB: Euro connector clamped up.

This is an old photo and has been ajusted since.


Cebora/Snapon/BOC 130 Euro torch conversion



Купить сварочное оборудование по ценам производителя



PLASMA Sound PC 130/T



Cebora Plasma Inverter


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