The Global Standard. Each child is special. Each child is unique. Children can develop without pre-determined rules, but they need individual guidance and educational materials that encourage and promote this development. We believe in personal growth and offer the necessary tools to support this.

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Digrel Spare parts Our extensive range of crafting materials enable children to be creative, use their imagination and explore their artistic performance.

A place in which they should feel at home and secure. Its most important task is to provide children with an early and general foundation that will enable them to acquire more specialised knowledge and skills throughout their school career. A selection of our new products Bootjack. This foundation includes a positive attitude toward school; an inner security and a sense of order and pride in the physical environment; abiding curiosity; a habit of concentration; habits of initiative and persistence; the ability to make decisions; self-discipline; and a sense of responsibility towards other members of the class, school, and community.

Rhythm exercises, making music, dancing and singing should be an integrated part of the curriculum. Learning is in the details The Original Montessori Craft. Back to Home Home Early Childhood Movement Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning. Provide children with an early and general foundation The preschool environment unifies the psychosocial, physical and academic functioning of the child.

Fortunately they were able to combine their factory trip with a visit to two nearby disadvantaged schools to hand out little presents from the Heutink Foundation and the Edukans Shoe Box Appeal. In the webshop, you will find our complete productrange of all our brands.

This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Nienhuis Montessori was founded in by Albert Nienhuis, who collaborated with Maria Montessori to create products which reflected her vision of education.

Elementary Children between the ages of 9 and 12 reach the pinnacle of their mental abilities. To complete and support the Montessori curriculum a wide range of curriculum support materials is being offered. Each location has its own specialty. Commitment And Passion A specially trained teacher guides the children in such a way that they learn to work independently and with a specifi c aim.

All of the Nienhuis factories worldwide are certified by the: Our new material development. The site now includes easier navigation, a blog, and inspirational resources for Montessori education. A selection of our 3 — 6 materials Dust Pan. A grateful visit to Nienhuis Asia Handing out shoe boxes filled with schoolsupplies and gifts to children in disadvantaged areas. Each child is unique. Early Childhood The world of Early Childhood This can only be achieved using materials created by skilled individuals and based on a rich tradition.

The guidance the material itself offers may be mechanical all the pieces fit together only one wayit may be visual the eye checking groups of objects sorted by touchor there may be an answer sheet.

CSWIP 3. Our meticulously crafted Montessori learning materials isolate difficulty so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish. Children choose their activities from among the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves that allow the children to learn through all five senses. Multiple Shape Puzzle Set. Do you prefer a catalogue? Montessori Education Maria Montessori believed that children learn best when they are very interested in a subject. Learning is in the details Our products.

Click here to continue to our German shop. Educating people is a skill. We especially designed new shops for pre school, childcare and Montessori training facilities. You are now subscribed with the email address: A specially trained teacher guides the nontessori in such a way that they learn to work independently and with a specifi c aim.

Mathematics Of all the Montessori apparatus, the Math Materials are the most glamorous. Beads, cubes, tablets, knobs, puzzle pieces…There are almost items. We works with specialists from within the field of education who share our ambition.

Are you from Germany or USA? He has shown us the true process of construction of the human being. Related Posts.


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Najar This service prevents you from having to invest in a new material. Montessori is a philosophy. Assortment Where to buy? All other countries Are you looking to buy Nienhuis Montessori materials from any other country? In the Cosmic approach of Montessori education, our Fine Arts materials cannot be missed.


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