No matter how enticing Emilie and Quinn make it look, relationships are scary and hard—while a string of flings is easy and fun. Easy and fun. The only problem is, when it comes to satisfaction in the sack, most of the boys at Whitman are nothing but pretty window dressing and false advertising. Not only that, but dating Liam gives Ruby the perfect excuse to say no to Cole Stuart. The ratings make rejecting his repeated requests for a date a no-brainer, but her real reason for avoiding Cole runs deeper than a string of unsatisfied exes. When the secret behind his low ratings comes to light, that hope is torn apart, and Ruby wonders if she was right to give him her heart…and whether she has the strength to let him keep it.

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Also posted to Jen in Bookland Ugh. She was horrible. Her self loathing poor me attitude was just horrible. I hated her so much. She came from new money and so apparently people expected her to act like a white trash princess so what does she do? Acts like a white trash princess then gets mad when people see her that way.

Um okay Then she complains about poor her everyone judges her without knowing Also posted to Jen in Bookland Ugh. Then she complains about poor her everyone judges her without knowing her, but she does the exact same thing! With everyone! It was so frustrating!! Fine, but why in the world would you stay with Liam then? The sex is not good, he is a complete jerk to you so If you just want a sex partner I am positive you can find someone to actually have enjoyable sex with. Ruby just complained and whined and made assumptions about everyone the entire way through the book.

Sure suddenly at the end she see the error of her ways and that Cole might actually like her and so she changes overnight. I buy that. I mean she was pretty terrible to him. I mean after he reveals his humiliating secret that he is super ashamed of she just storms off and calls it off with him. Way to go. I wish it would have taken more groveling to get him back.

It was way too easy. She pretty much just smiled at him and he was all okay! You deserve better Cole! You deserve way better than Ruby!! You deserve someone who will treat you with respect and love you like you love them.

Not stupid Ruby poor me whiny pants who treats you like crap. I also wanted to slap Ruby so many times and just be like so what you are new money and people think less of you for it? At least you have money to get an education at a fancy school and make all your fancy contacts so you will probably have a leg up after you graduate.

Plus you can go to New York and try and make it big on Broadway without having to worry about money or anything so I really feel bad for you. Suck it up and be thankful for what you do have because there are plenty of intelligent driven people who just cannot afford to go to school and do not get the opportunities you have. Man I hated her. I really wish she would have been written so that she was somewhat sympathetic, but she was just horrible.


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