What are your shipping policies? We ship everywhere in the world. If you can get a PayPal payment to us then we will ship to you. In over a decade of sales we have never once had a shipment refused due to customs issues with the contents. Certain countries may require you to pay customs fees upon receipt of the package. BrickGun does not initiate these customs charges and we do not collect the money from them, your local postal service does.

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Using newer curved slope pieces we have reshaped the slide to have the look we always wanted. Curved and free of all studs along the top. Check out the new design and grab a kit now! We at BrickGun have been huge fans of Warhammer tabletop gaming for years and decided to pay homage by building a couple of 40K Storm Bolter weapons.

Our Storm Bolter features a "working" trigger and dual magazines which can be removed via a release lever, then reinserted where they lock back into place.

The side art is easily removed and swapped out via the modular design and we plan to release additional art inserts very soon. We also plan to release the instructions for the double mag as well.

This is due to increases on international shipping for first class packages by the United States Postal Service. In between design sessions for our next gun model, we put together a "Ninjato" or "Ninja-To" ninja sword we know, odds are they are entirely fictional and only exist thanks to Hollywood, but they are still cool.

Like all of our models, the BrickGun Ninjato is life-sized over 33 inches long! It is surprisingly sturdy and fun to play with. The instructions are a good example of the quality of the ones we sell and provide with kit purchases.

A complete text and visual parts list is included Quantity, Color, Part and Description , along with simple, easy-to-follow steps for building. They will be available for free only for a limited time until we compile the inventory to start selling kits, so grab yours now by clicking here! The model which is far and away the most requested of us is the iconic PPK.

Somewhat better known as the "Bond" gun. Well, we finally have our version of this classic completed. It features a working trigger and hammer, as well as a removable magazine. The latest in our line of non-gun models has just been released.

The black, white, gray and red color scheme of the console gamepad that we all know and love is recreated in fantastic detail. All sides and the back are smooth and flush. Kits and instruction downloads are available for sale now, so check out the BrickGun 8-bit Controller page for details. All of this new information is geared toward making your building experience more enjoyable as well as assisting original designers and builders via some of the tools our designers rely on in the BrickGun Studio.

For years our fans have requested we build a revolver and now we have. We wanted to incorporate a spinning cylinder that could also swing out, as well as a hammer that can be cocked and "fired" when the trigger is pulled The model, like all of our models, is scale, exactly life-sized with as many details as we could pack in.

So check out the BrickGun Python. The model, like all BrickGun models, is exactly life-sized at scale and features a "functional" joystick that moves in all directions and self-centers.

More details can be found on The Joystick page. This decision was made in an effort to reduce the amount of paper we consume and print thereby reducing the number of trees destroyed and energy used , to reduce the shipping weight of our packages thereby reducing the amount of fuel used by our shipping carriers and to improve our overall "green" status.

Moving forward, we will be providing download links to our instruction. The instruction downloads are the same documents that we have been selling for years and are identical to the pages we used to ship with our kits, but this way there is less energy used and less waste created in the world.


The BrickGun Book

I am going to say up front, this is an excellent book for what it is. It is exactly what it says, and walks you through building five incredibly realistic handguns. That being said, I do not want this to turn into a discussion of gun law, gun control, etc. I intend for this to be about some beautifully designed LEGO models. The handguns in this book are just that; beautifully realistic.


How to make LEGO guns – The BrickGun Book

Soon he had a functional LEGO model complete with a working trigger, hammer, and slide. A few weeks later, he was shocked to see that his page — which typically got about 20 visitors a week — was receiving 8, hits a day. Requests for the design poured in from all over the world, and a Finnish rock band put its image on their album cover. Beretta Inc. After years of innumerable requests for more replicas, Boen went pro, combining his lifelong passion for LEGO and his tremendous admiration for well-made firearms into BrickGun.


The BrickGun Book – Review




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