The Golden Fleece describes bkrislav wanderings of generations of the Njegovans, and through them explores the history of the Balkans. Views Read Edit View history. The result was three novels: Obviously a residue of barbarism. It was as if the good that jeruslaim out of it were — a privilege. Two stories from the book were published in French, English and Ukrainian in different anthologies. Jerusali, was later translated into Polish inHungarian inCzech in and French in Before he had become aware of such dirty tricks, fifty years had passed, during which time his scientific results because of such obstruction had been poor.

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He graduated from high school in in Belgrade and shortly afterwards was arrested [4] with the accusation of belonging to the secret association "Yugoslav Democratic Youth" and sentenced to fifteen years of prison. During the time in prison he conceived many of the ideas later developed in his major novels. He was released after five years and in began studying experimental psychology at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy , although he never earned a degree.

It was also translated into French in , Polish in , Romanian in , Italian in , and Greek in Despite his ideological distance from the mainstream opposition movements, the new political climate further complicated his relationship with the authorities, who refused him a passport for some time.

The novel, nevertheless, won the NIN award for the best Yugoslav novel of the year. It was later translated into Polish in , Hungarian in , Czech in and French in In he sent the manuscript of Kako upokojiti Vampira "How to Quiet a Vampire" to an anonymous literary competition. The Association of Yugoslav Publishers recognized it as the best novel of the year and promptly published it. Kako upokojiti Vampira was subsequently translated into Czech in , Polish in , and Italian in , with an English translation finally appearing in These three novels essentially dealt with contrasting types of collaboration in Yugoslavia at different levels during World War II.

The Golden Fleece describes the wanderings of generations of the Njegovans, and through them explores the history of the Balkans. The first, second and third volumes were published in French in , and The fourth volume was published in The result was three novels: Besnilo "Rabies", , Atlantida "Atlantis", and All of them were reprinted numerous times in Serbia. Rabies was published in Spanish in , and Hungarian in , and Atlantis in Czech in Godine koje su pojeli skakavci "The Years the Locusts Have Devoured", in three volumes was published between and Two parts of the 1st volume were translated into English and published in literary magazines.

Two stories from the book were published in French, English and Ukrainian in different anthologies. Of the 27 plays written and performed in Serbia, 17 had their first production in Germany. Sixteen were published in his Odabrana dela Selected works, and his play Generali ili srodstvo po oruzju The Generals or Kinship-In-Arms, can be found in any anthology of Serbian contemporary drama.

The Time of Miracles was selected to represent Yugoslavia at the Cannes Film Festival in , where it won an award, and later at film festivals in Glasgow and Montreal. Each book was made up of 50 letters with witty and inventive observations about England and the English people.

It was published several times enjoying a huge success. Association between Posthumously, in , H. The essays from that symposium were published in In , his wife Ljiljana, credited with the abovementioned posthumously published work, started the Borislav Pekic blog [6] where one can find published as well as yet unpublished works of Pekic. Works available in English translation[ edit ] In chronological order of translation: The Time of Miracles. A legend, translated by Lovett F.

Megalo Mastoras and His Work A. How to Quiet a Vampire, translated by Stephen M.


Borislav Pekić

During that time, some of the islands of the Archipelago have fallen apart and been covered by the polar sea of oblivion. But one day in the future, the Archipelago, its air, the bones of its dwellers, frozen into the northern ice, will be discovered by our descendants like some incredible salamanders Having the glory of God, and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal But it had been dug up in close proximity with the skeleton of a man and a mole, and it was that that has given the archeological find its enormous importance, equivalent to the discovery of Troy in the history of First Mankind.



Majstor Dumeturijus Kir Angelos radio je na svome remek-delu. Nitko nije smeo da smeta majstoru, ali ovoga puta se moralo. Tada mu je majstor ponudio da sedne i vidi. Posebna je bila po svojoj udobnosti. Zaspao je i dugo spavao. Uskoro se i majstor razboleo od kuge. Bio je krvlju i znojem slepljen s njom.


Novi Jerusalim

If one uses the mutant sense of the word amusement was to be found exclusively in other people. The only amusements were this other people. Unity with nature had been complete. It is difficult to express this in terms of a world which rejects nature.



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