Page 2: Additional Safety Precautions And Warnings Do not attempt disassembly, use with incompatible components or augment product in any way without the approval of Horizon Hobby, Inc. This manual contains instructions for safety, operation and maintenance. It is essential to read and follow all the instructions and warnings in the manual, prior to assembly, setup or use, in order to operate correctly and avoid damage or serious injury. Its advanced flybar- less design reduces drag on the rotorhead and significantly boosts cyclic control response. This, combined with its exceptionally lightweight airframe, delivers a level of power and responsiveness that eclipses that of any ultra micro heli you have flown before.

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For up-to-date product literature, visit horizonhobby. Meaning of Special Language The following terms are used throughout the product literature to indicate various levels of potential harm when operating this product: NOTICE: Procedures, which if not properly followed, create a possibility of physical property damage AND a little or no possibility of injury. Page 3: Table Of Contents This, combined with its exceptionally lightweight airframe, delivers a level of power and responsiveness that eclipses that of any ultra micro heli you may have flown before.

Inverted flight, loops, flips, rolls, funnels, hurricanes — the mCP X can do it all, indoors or out, with power to spare.

If charging or discharging, discontinue and disconnect. Continuing to use, charge or discharge a battery that is ballooning or swelling can result in fire. If the throttle and pitch programming values are incorrect, the helicopter will not respond. To bind or re-bind your mCP X to your chosen transmitter, please follow the directions below: Binding is the process of programming the receiver of the control unit to recognize the GUID Globally Unique Identifier code of a single specific transmitter.

Page 8: Understanding The Primary Flight Controls Understanding the Primary Flight Controls If you are not familiar with the controls of your mCP X, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them before attempting your first flight. Page 9: Throttle Hold Throttle Hold Throttle hold is used to turn off the helicopter motors if the helicopter is out of control, in danger of crashing or both. Activate throttle hold anytime the helicopter is in danger to reduce the chance of damaging the helicopter in a crash.

Page Installing The Flight Battery The helicopter lifts off the ground when the rotor head reaches a suitable speed. Establish a low-level hover to verify proper operation of your helicopter. You will not need to set any trim; the flybarless design of the mCP X renders trim unnecessary. For pilots new to collective pitch helicopters, familiarize yourself with your mCP X in normal mode. Discover the rates that fit your flying style.

Page Troubleshooting Guide Tail boom is cracked Replace tail boom Poor tail authority The tail rotor blade is warped Twist rotor blade back into position or bent. Climb out rate is greatly Main gear has slipped on the main Push main gear back into position. Page Fcc Information E-flite transmitter. US 7,,, D, US 7,, PRC patent number ZL Other patents pending. Page 19 If needed, contact the appropriate Horizon Product Support office.


Horizon Hobby Blade mCPx Instruction Manual



Blade mCP X Instruction Manual




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