The play centers around Maureen, an unmarried woman in her early 40s, as she cares for her ailing mother, Mag. The two share a turbulent and unhealthy relationship. Mag taunts and insults her daughter, and Maureen blames her mother for her unhappiness. The play begins as the two women are invited to a going away party hosted by a neighbor. The two begin to fight, and Maureen decides to attend the party alone.

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For starters, the rural Irish digs shared by Mag and Maureen Folan, one of the nastiest family units ever to grace or disgrace a stage, are larger than when this satanically funny pair first arrived in New York nearly two decades ago. In this latest version — directed, as the original was, by Garry Hynes for the Druid company — their shabby living quarters stretch beneath a vast expanse of sky, hinting hopefully at life beyond the tight little town of the title.

The four characters of this early work by Mr. McDonagh, an Anglo-Irish dramatist with a wit as hard and black as anthracite coal, also appear to have grown a few sizes. That version was about as ideal an introduction to New York as a young playwright like Mr.

McDonagh, then still in his 20s, could wish. The play was showered with prizes, and three of its four cast members won Tony Awards. The one who took best actress was Marie Mullen, who portrayed Maureen, a year-old virgin shackled to her imperious, housebound mother, Mag the splendidly slatternly Anna Manahan. That Ms. How often, after all, do you get to watch a first-rate actress testifying so concretely to the notion that all women turn into their mothers? So perhaps it might be of some comfort to the Maureen whom Ms.

Mullen originated to learn that her Mag is not like Ms. But Ms. Mullen endows Mag with some of the same vulnerability that made her Maureen so affecting. Manahan was. She even has a granny-ish twinkle at times. In contrast, Ms. This gives Maureen more of an upper hand than before in the Punch and Judy or Judy and Judy show of power plays and recriminations that defines her daily existence.

Barbed witticisms land with stinging efficiency. When the show creeps and then plunges into pitch darkness in its later scenes, some audience members may feel betrayed. Perhaps not, though.


The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Maureen Folan, a year-old, lives in the Irish village of Leenane, Connemara, in the early s with her year-old mother Mag, for whom she acts as caretaker. While Maureen is out, the Folan home is visited by Ray Dooley, a young man, who invites both women to a farewell party for his visiting American uncle. When it seems Mag is incapable of remembering this message, Ray writes it down for Maureen. As soon as he leaves, Mag destroys the note in the furnace.


Review: ‘The Beauty Queen of Leenane’: Oh Gosh, I’ve Turned Into My Mother

Zolole This title is currently restricted in all Major Cities, please contact the Licensing Department for further details. With a script assembled from interviews with more than local theater makers as well as personal stories from sript ten performers, these presentational 70 minutes cover a litany of deeply entrenched systemic biases: Queen Romer has created a play that delves into seriously dark humour and reveals entirely unexpected laughs on the journey of mother and daughter, Mag and Maureen. Maureen has bashed her head in with the poker. Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play. If Harry Potter, would your hair grow back if someone used the hair-loss curse on you? Scirpt the production is so slick that you lesnane to realise the lines are all pre-recorded.

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