Meztikree Tax Paid Receipt for the year for the entire land. I am not sure if BBMP is now accepting the online applications or not. We respect your thoughts and views! He will give you an acknowledgement and ask you to come back after a week. Accordingly the khata A type is also in her name.

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For registration of a new property , 2. For transfer of any property. Khata Certificate is obtained for any new registration after paying the tax.

This certificate is required to apply for water connection, electricity connection, trade license and building license. The Khata certificate is given only to the owner of the property or to his family members. No one else can take it on his behalf. It takes maximum of one week to get the certificate. In case of death of either party, within one year. The extract is required to get trade license, or to buy a particular property.

It has the details of the property like the name, size of the property, use of the property commercial purpose, residential , annual value, when assessed last. For getting a khata extract, owner of property has to give letter of requisition with property location and details.

The fee is Rs. Document required for Khata registration For applying for Khata registration, you need to enclose following documents along with the registration form.

Tax paid receipts and Khatha details iii. Sketch of your property showing its boundaries and location of site iv. Improvement Charges v. National Saving Certificates for Rs. Encumbrance certificate for vacant sites vii. Flow chart of title 2. Title deed or Possession certificate ii.

Encumbrance certificate for vacant sites iv. Flow chart of title. What is Khata Transfer? Khata transfer is required when the ownership of property is transferred from one person to another for any reason like sale of property, gift, will or in case of death of property owner and so on. The application for Khata transfer is same as that for registration and the documents needed along with application are the following: 1. Title deed 2. Tax paid receipts and Khata details 3.

Paid up improvement charges receipt 4. Death certificate of owner applicable incase of the death of the property owner 6. What is Bifurcation of Khata?

Bifurcation of Khata is modifying two or more Khata into one or dividing one Khata into two or more Khata.

Application form for bifurcation of Khata is same that applied for registration Procedure for Registering, transferring and modifying Khata Obtain Notarized copy of your sale deed: There are number of notaries in Bangalore where you can get your work done at reasonable fees and the entire sales deed is notarized for charge of Rs Agents charge a commission for every page due to which the charge for get your work done rises to Rs and above.

Normally an EC is provided within 7 working days. The application is the same as that needed for applying for property registration, transfer and modification of Khata. It is available either online or at any BBMP office. The application form costs Rs Enclosure of documents: While applying for Khata, enclose the essential documents and fill up the necessary information in the application form. Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed acknowledgement for the same.

Acknowledgement is one of the sheets in the application. Remember that any documents demanded by the BBMP office besides those listed above, and validated by RTI, is illegal to ask for and just a means to harass and tire you unnecessarily.

Seek Information: After 2 months if there is still no activity then file the RTI to seek information on status of khata registration. Khata Registration fee: After the property is assessed BBMP formally communicates this mentioning the property dimensions in sq feet , its value as per BBMP assessment and the tax liability thereon. Once you pay the Khata Registration fee in about weeks, you will receive the notice for paying the pending property tax.

Without this, the Khata Extract will not be issued in your name. But if you have reached this point, it means Khata has been technically registered in your name. Khata certificate is often misunderstood with title deed.

Title deed is the deed agreed between a buyer and seller during the transfer of property and Khata is account of assessment of property. Khata does not confirm ownership of property but assessment of property for the payment of tax. You can apply for Registration, transfer or modification of khata in Assistant revenue officer for the sub-division or range between 10 am to pm and pm to pm on all working days.

This book contains guidelines and details for filing application for khata.


How to Register, Transfer, and Modify Khata

Khata is a document that shows a property owner having an account with the BBMP for paying taxes. For getting building license or trade license, Khata certificate is required. The certificate should be submitted to get loan from banks and financial institutions as well. A - Khata and B- Khata There are two types of properties. A-Khatha certificates are issued for properties which have been developed as per the sanctions. There will be valid licenses and approvals.


BBMP Khata Registration / Transfer / Bifurcation / Amalgamation Process

Before discussing how to register khata, let us understand the basics- what is khata. For property owners in Bangalore, Khata is an important document that they must obtain in order to carry out legal proceedings involving their property details. The municipal corporation of Bangalore, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike BBMP issues For property owners in Bangalore, Khata is an important document that they must obtain in order to carry out legal proceedings involving their property details. Khata is required when selling a property, carrying out any type of property trade, obtaining a loan on a property from a bank, applying for civic amenities like electricity and water connection, and paying property tax. Procedure to register Khata Obtain notarized copy of sale deed The first step to register khata is to obtain a notarized copy of your sales deed that is attested by a notary. You will have to carry a copy of your sales deed for the same. Generally, an EC takes 7 days to be issued.


Khata Transfer Bangalore, Khata Registration and How tos



Khatha Registration & Khatha Transfer in Bangalore


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