Moench contacted Jones and told him about the concept he had made for an Elseworlds story in which Batman fights Count Dracula. Jones initially thought it was "the dumbest thing [he] ever heard", but changed his mind after Moench sent him the outline for it, which Jones called "out of the park wonderful. They used an approach somewhat similar to the Marvel method : Moench provided Jones a plot description of each page, with a few lines of dialogue scattered about. Malcolm Jones III inked the art.

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Summary Short summary describing this issue. No recent wiki edits to this page. Bruce Wayne is dead, but the Batman "lives" Following the destruction of Dracula and his breed along with Mansion Wayne, Bruce is believed to have died with them.

But not. As the vampire Tanya gave her the strength possible to face Dracula, Batman had the last of his blood drained by the vampire lord before he had been vanquished, and now become one of the undead himself. Still, Batman fights against his vicious nature and the crime in Gotham, using his newfound powers to battle the criminals. But something is much more as could been thought.

The vampires now target the crimelords, killing and turning them into vampires as well. Meanwhile, the serum used by Batman to ease his thirst and not taint himself with human blood is beggining to loose his effect and becomes harder for Batman to control himself.

The caped crusader investigate the murder of one the first criminal victims of the vampires, the family Cardona and found them rising from their graves as vampires. After killing every vampire, left Cardona for last, Batman is tempted by Cardona to forsake his humanity and surrender himself to the thirst. Despite shaken by the temptation, Batman manage to kill Cardona, but is left desperate, he battles a internal battle with his vampiric and human side.

In a moonless night, Seline Kyle is rounded by one of high-ranking vampires, Creach, who tried to rape her and drink her blood, he only manage to bit her in wolf form, as she fell into running water, escaping him. She goes home and fell unconsious and her pet cats lick her wounds.

Some nights later, she awakens as a cat-like creature, and enraged for what she had become, vows to hunt down Creach for what he had done to her. Batman found her in the night, mistaking her for a vampire but she was something else. He left her live and she offered her to help him hunt down the other vampires. When he returns to the Batcave, he feeds on rat and is desperate for no longer been able to control himself. Batman looks for Selina, who takes him to her home.

In the following morning, he found himself calm again and Seline as human explaining her transformation only happen at night. Creach found Batman is offing the other vampires and along with himself only fifteen are left, so Joker orders them to take some nubile girls to be turned.

Selina and Batman attack the vampires and are forced to put the victims out of their misery. By day, a group of vampire-hunting allies, Gordon, Alfred and a few Gothan City cops put the vampires in slumber to rest.

Joker prepare to shot a crossbolt into Batman but Selina jumps in the way, taking the bolt in the heart. Joker run into a house replete of crosses, but Batman is unharmed because he never drunk human blood so he is pure.

But overcome for the deathly hatred for Joker, Batman break his head and drink his blood, now becoming a undead tainted vampire. Unable to stand in the front of crosses, he run away and decapitates the Joker. Having become the very thing he longed fo avoid, Batman ask weeping Gordon and Alfreed to put him to rest.

Continue in Crimson Rest


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