Shasho Performer walks towards spectator, at the same time holding his pack of cards with the mirror on top with his right first and second fingers at about the center of the nearest end. Look at it and concentrate upon wliat it repre- sents. Right thumb and forefinger now grasp bundle at side while the left hand proceeds to twist up the hanging corners a little. With spectator in front of you, you arc ready. Fold other pellet the same way and then unfold for the siller. The effect is very startling and makes a good club effect to he sandwiched in which always is possible when a spectator is up to help out in something else.

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Shagrel As it is named, performer asks that it he shown to emntal, gestures with free hand which immediately leaves pocket, while the other hand gets the correct slip. It is a simple gesture as if to raise the cards so that spec- tator can look directly at them.

It is returned to its place and the lights are out again. Now taking the deck 2 from last parly with left hand it is dropped into left hip pocket and performer calls for lights dropping ordinary deck onto table as lights come oil. This is a nice number to he used in conjunction with other dark room and seance stunts.

Tell him to write mejtal question and sign on the small slip and refold it lightly so nothing can he read. Now annemabn paper and again tear through the center. But, instead of writing the second row as given him, lie actually writes figures that, when added to the one above, will efffcts 1. You now have about ten cards in a packet which contains a mirror. Read what you have written which can be anything but the correct answer and ask if that applies to his question.

An ordinary deck is used and three single kind force decks which we will call one, two and three. Tl playing cards and to change around as often as he wishes until sat- isfied. Place the two cards together with the writing on the underside of lop card and the numbered end nearest your body. As handkerchief covers hands for a second, right thumb riflles up and when it hits short card cuts packet at this point which brings message to bottom.

This time the mes- sage card is found near the center of packet and is given to the writer. The number that the third parly gives is actually written down and this three figure number the performer remembers.

Or is it more geared towards advanced techniques? Thus the per- former will later know this total although the first and third rows were written exactly as given. There is a very slight preparation of the cards. One is a trifle shorter than the others making a short card clicker that can be found in a rilllc of the ends as in an ordinary deck of cards.

The fake envelope is on top with bottom edge towards right and as you walk hack to front your right forelinger and thumb merely reach in, pull card out and lay on top of the slack writing towards you. Now the performer announces the miracle in thought transference.

They tend to be overpriced on ebay. Take about ten of these and glue together in a block. Mental Bargain Effects A spectator generally it prominent party of your gathering is asked forward.

You hold envelope in left hand near bottom, take their face down card and push it into envelope which you seal. The spectalor invariably holds the card about a foot below his own line of vision. Spectator is asked to think of any card, and performer picks up a piece of paper for him to write it down. Mention the two cards in hand, carelessly showing top and bot- tom of the two together and spreading them apart so top of lower card is seen.

As sitter is folding pellet, you return to table, and, picking up the envelope in left hand, flap side towards you, insert right thumb into it, appar- ently to open same but really leaving the thumb tip inside and held there, mouth up, by the left thumb and lingers on the outside of envelope. Pack is now inserted in its case, the face side against prepared side of the box. I use a Rider Back Bicycle pattern case and with a ra- bargani blade I cut out the de- sign on the back of case as in Fig.

Taking back deck, bzrgain opens case and takes deck out facing him nearly all the way, and getting a Hash of the name of selected card kicks the face card of deck back into case with thumb and the case is laid aside. At this time you actually glance at your packet and get a flash of the drawing. The right coal pocket is empty. Right thumb and forefinger now grasp bundle at side while the left hand proceeds to twist up the hanging corners a little.

Now take any card case. Now on lop and bottom of this block which contains the mirror, glue another card. The right thumb and forefinger enter and quickly with- draw card, hold same with writing towards you and envelope is grasped between the first and second lingers. Holding it message side down he puts it into the center of the packet which is kept tightly squared. The pencil should bwrgain of hard lead and not longer than three inches.

Performer, remembering the three figures of last party, merely subtracts 1 from the last figure and places it before the first, making a four figure total which is the correct answer. Dec 7, He bands deck to spectator who likewise picks out any effecys he may wish except bis written one. With left thumb slide top card a little to right as in dealing. Related Articles.


Magic Methods

Repeal that you have shown and numbered all four sides and hand cards to spectator to hold. Paul Inner circle A good lecturer at your service! You wet the llap and then as an afterthought hand the envelope to sitter with a request for him to seal it himself. This is all one continuous move as will be seen. He is then told to run through the deck, find the card he is thinking of, bring it to the face of the deck, square deck up and look intently at the card. In the center of the paper he draws an elongated circle and hands paper to spectator with a request to think of the name of some parly who is often in their mind, then to write their name inside the circle.


Annemann’s Enigma

The performer takes a card and pencil to the opposite side of the stage, and draws something on it. Nothing else is written. Spectators jot down personal data, questions, etc. The envelopes are collected and immediately the performer tells what has been written or answers the questions. Each is verified and both card and envelope are handed back to the writer before the next question is dealt with. No clumsy dummy questions or similar devices. No chemicals or liquids, no lights or window envelopes.


Mental Bargain Effects


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