Playback from the front panel manual playback would normally be used when you want to manually trigger a recorded sample. Playback from an audio trigger is normally used when replacing one audio source with a recorded sample, as in the case of replacing a snare drum on a tape track with a better recorded sample. To playback again, press the EQ button again. The pitch of the sample will follow within a 2 octave range and will loop back into the range if any note information falls outside of the 2 octave range. For instance, if the base note has been selected to note number 60 Middle C or C3 and note number 84 C5 is played, the sample pitch will be triggered 1 octave higher than the bass C4.

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The sample can also be played back in its entirety one shot or continuously repeated looping. QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. With a little patient setting up, you can produce some excellent results which more than justify the inclusion of the Resonators on what is, after all, a sound processor rather than a sound generator.

ASME B This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before. Review by Nigel Lord. There are 5 resonators in the QuadraVerb Plus. The playback can be further altered by having a variety of sources to trigger the sample. More from Sound Technology, Contact Details.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Press a different key and the sample plays back at the corresponding pitch. Tremolo Modulation means that a signal that has first plis routed through the EQ section of either of the above configurations will vary in volume at a selected rate. It is most useful for generating metallic, bell-like sounds.

The range is from 0 through 1. Alesis Plus User Manual This addendum only describes the new features. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

The quality of your samples, therefore, depends very much on the nature of the sound itself: This contrasts with conventional forms of modulation where sum and difference frequencies are heard in addition to manuql modulated signals themselves.

Please note that the effect will only be heard when both the left and right outputs of the Quadraverb are in use. This page will determine at what point in the sample that playback will start. Alesis Quadraverb Plus MT Apr 91 Full marks, then, to Alesis for acknowledging its potential and including it as an effect among those we are more accustomed to seeing on signal processors. This page is also identical to the original QuadraVerb configuration.

The ring modulator treatment will be most valuable for alesie effect on voices or sound effects. The range is 0 to 99 with 0 being off. TOP Related Posts.

STK392-120 PDF

Alesis QUADRAVERB Manuals

This addendum only describes the new features. This page is also identical to the original QuadraVerb configuration. VALUE range is 0 to The maximum record time is 1.


Alesis Quadraverb: Everything You Need To Know



Alesis QUADRAVERB PLUS User Manual


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