Start your review of The Ultimate Voice Write a review Dec 07, Courtney Kleefeld rated it really liked it As this book comes from someone God used to physically heal thousands of people within his lifetime, this book has its credibility. I was convicted by much of this, and there is a lot to meditate on. Whenever I pick up a book by Oral Roberts and begin to read it, I tend to feel like this writing is anointed, that God is going to speak to me, and often I feel as though this is the case, that God has interrupted me when reading so I would have to stop and listen for a while and write down what God wanted to tell me. Reading this book has been a slow process because of this--I would get interrupted by the Holy Spirit or spiritual revelation and have to stop and listen or think for a while, praying for confirmation of the truth.

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In his early days, he prayed for thousands weekly at tent revival meetings; he preached on the radio; he hit the air waves in with his church services, and he founded a university. On top of that, Oral is a prolific author, and yes, he still writes books. There are people who do not believe that God still speaks today. You think otherwise? If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come into Him and will sup with Him and He with me. Every person has to realize that at some point of life God created him, passionately loves him and is going to speak to him.

Ross [reporting]: Oral was born into a Christian home — the youngest of five children. But as a young boy, he was uninterested in the things of God until a crisis convinced him that God is for real. Ross: When you speak about the voice of God, you have heard the audible voice of God. But I have heard his voice many times. When I was 17 and a half years of age, I was being carried to a healing meeting where I was to be prayed for to be healed of tuberculosis.

I was lying in the back seat of the car, and my brother was driving with my parents by his side. He was talking about the miracles he had seen. I was listening and then everything faded. Everything got real quiet. Ross [reporting]: Not only was Oral healed of tuberculosis, but he accepted Christ as his Savior and has stayed true to the words God spoke to him.

In , he married Evelyn. They were together for 66 years until her death in Oral said he misses her every day. Roberts: My first healing crusade was in a tent. The crowds filled it up. It was an enormous scene. I prayed for the sick. When God loosed it, she jumped up and started shouting at the top of her voice that her hand was loose. I developed the faith obedience plan that I would do what God told me to do, because that was the life of faith.

The just shall live by faith, the Bible says. The second one was obedience. I would obey instantly, because I had set my plan for my life.


The Miracle of Seed-Faith

Its written simple to understand yet the anointing of God is in this book. With these simple principle written in this book now I know how to receive my miracle on continual basis. I will apply what Oral Robert write in this book till the day I go to heaven in style not defeated. It blessed me so much and it will bless you too!!! Jan 12, J Owen rated it it was amazing Excellent book This is an excellent little book to encourage your faith.


The ultimate voice : God's still small voice, the clearest and loudest voice you'll ever hear

There were no blueprints…no plans…no human example to follow. Not by any road that man could build. As he chose to follow Jesus…one day at a time, one step at a time, tiny seeds of faith began to multiply…and impossible dreams turned into miracles. The fifth child of a family who had no worldly goods to offer him, Oral Roberts was born into a spiritual heritage more precious than gold. Mama and Papa Roberts loved God with all of their hearts.


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Oral Roberts


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