Background[ edit ] The Ramayana, holy revered text of Hindus , is believed by many archaeologists and historians to be a collection of stories based on life or Ram , the King of Ayodhya who lived in 7th century BCE, concentrating on the work of the gods in the lives of men, and was first written down, as legend states, in the forests of India by Valmiki [3] in the 4th century BCE. In the late first millennium, the epic was adopted by the Thai people. The Thai version of the legends were first written down in the 18th century, during the Ayutthaya kingdom , following the demise of the Sukhothai government. Most editions, however, were lost when the city of Ayutthaya was destroyed by armies from Burma modern Myanmar in the year The version recognized today was compiled in the Kingdom of Siam under the supervision of King Rama I — , the founder of the Chakri dynasty, which still maintains the throne of Thailand. Between the years of and , Rama I supervised the writing of the well-known edition and even wrote parts of it.

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We have 21 well equipped rooms, situated around a big swimming pool. All rooms have everything to ensure your pleasant and comfortable stay: big King-Size beds, refrigerator, TV, Air conditioner, bathroom with shower, etc.

However, since we are a nude resort, we do expect those who use our resort and the facilities to be nude obligatory. On cool evenings which hardly occur you can slip into some light clothing. The swimming pool itself is exclusively nude, day or night. In Rama Kien, people stay nude at all times, including the buffet parties. We welcome only couples, single men or women are not allowed. About Rama Kien Resort. A stay at Rama Kien is a great way to meet other couples who are open minded or curious about the lifestyle.

A unique opportunity to meet other liberated people and like minded people. Our place is a wonderful way to fulfill your fantasies without the worries of being disturbed. What goes on at Rama Kien stays at Rama Kien. Pattaya is famous as a holiday resort with its many bars and restaurants where tourists can discover Thailand in another way. The resort is only a few minutes away by car or taxi from the vibrant center. Discover the shows, the local food and the night life in Pattaya.

It is a once in a lifetime experience. The weather is always nice, Thailand is the land of smiles and the beach is not far away.


Rama Kien Specialty Resort, Pattaya

Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort Disclaimer Any action between our guests, of any nature or otherwise, is solely between consenting adults over 20 years of age at our premises, and is not guaranteed or implied by Rama Kien in any way. Welcome to "Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort" the exclusive, couples only, lifestyle resort in Pattaya, Thailand This small hideaway resort welcomes open minded, liberated couples couples libertin for adventurous, nude holidays in a secure, private environment. Rama Kien Resort has 21 guest rooms around the pool, spread over 4 floors and has an elevator for your convenience. The ground floor rooms are all within short distance of the pool. Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort offers the opportunity to adventurous couples from all around the world to spend exciting, nude, holidays in and around the pool. Within Rama Kien, there are no limits to your imagination.


The Thai Ramakien-Thailand’s Folklore



Fun Facts About The Thai Ramakien




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